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Who Killed Chivalry? By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


‘How To Be A Modern Knight’

We live in a world were interactions with the opposite sex are massive, and are no longer reserved for certain occasions. Way back in the day, men and women only interacted during courtship, as man and wife or at the ‘gentleman’s club’ making it rain. But now, we mingle everywhere, but the biggest difference between then and now is how men act when they interact with women. Very few men understand or even appreciate the art of chivalry, because if they did, their game would be on a 1000, just like our granddad’s were, who we now call ‘old school players’. Women aren’t all wooed by money; chivalry has always done the trick. I’m going to share 5 chivalrous moves, fool proof to impress for success in your dating life.

“Who killed Chivalry? they need to get their sentencing” Drake – July ft. Jhene Aiko

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Vodka, Ice Cream & T’issues’… “What Every Women Needs To Know” By Pamela Kunene


 “If you’re in a relationship and all you do is cry every day, you’ll need to stop and ask yourself, ‘Am I dating a human or an onion” – Unknown

I am not sure who came up with this quote but I found it hilarious the first time I read it, well not anymore. I knew that a lot of women put up with a lot crap that men put them through, but after the conversation I recently had with my friend, I got exasperated, infuriated and all sorts of emotions you can think of.

She got into a relationship with a guy she knew had a girlfriend, unfortunately she agreed to an arrangement that when the girlfriend is around she must know her place (give the guy some space to be with the main chick). That didn’t bother her much because the girlfriend was never around anyways, so technically she was the majority shareholder and the girlfriend was obviously the minority shareholder, and besides that Luther Vandross says “Love the one you are with”. Read the rest of this entry »


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I cut My Hair!! (A brief history lesson on black women and their hair)… By Nthabiseng Tselapedi


I cut My Hair (My Journey)

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”- Coco Chanel

And I wanted to feel free and I wasn’t, all the intellectual black consciousness stuff I knew wasn’t helping! Maybe if I use the aesthetic side of it, it would……I cut my hair to save my hair!

It still didn’t…..No enlightenment there, I just missed my weaves! And easiness that came with and if I’m honest I felt less pretty *there I said it*………….. *hold your horses sisters, this is about me and in no way a reflection on blackness!*

But it got me thinking, maybe I’m afraid of self-reflection? Maybe I have been so indoctrinated that I couldn’t see the beauty that is in me?  For I felt, with my hair cut, more make-up was needed *this from a person who barely uses make up?*

I cut my hair! But the more I sit with this hairstyle, there more I learn about myself……for I would l Read the rest of this entry »

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50 Shades Of Trying To Fit In #BaeEpidemic

love don't cost a thing nick cannon - Google Search - Google Chrome_2015-02-08_19-22-15

‘It’s really overwhelming for one to live up to the standards set by a totally fictional flawless movie character’

Almost if not all of us are hypnotics. The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believed properly. Just like how Cobb in Inception went about his business.

The self-hate epidemic, the media, and the music you listen to, your favourite rapper and musicians have somehow managed to filter through into our personalities, and they control perception and trends. They are the holders of the rule book, the trend setters. Wait till you hear Bae complain that you do not comply in accordance to Sam Smith’s lyrics. Or Harvey Spector would have done this or that. It’s really overwhelming for one to live up to the standards set by a totally fictional flawless movie character. Read the rest of this entry »

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Don’t Waste My Time With Your Hello… By Tshego Makoe


You know, I have just gotten to the point where I’m just so fed up. I can smell bullshit from a mile away and I have just realised how valuable we are (My time and I) hahahaha…I just had a Geordie Shore moment.

Sometimes I feel people (men) are so selfish and the way life has been conditioned for them, it is a challenge to accept that their gender does not always equate to them being the desire of any woman at any moment in time. It is hard for them to understand that some women are just fine without a man. It’s just nicer to go to bed without having to wonder or worry about still being loved, cherished, desired and respected by the person you have decided to be in a relationship with. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Women Are Game Changers… By Mzomuhle Msomi


Missandei: “Valar morghulis.”
Khaleesi: “Yes. All men must die, but we are not men.”

Ever considered that women could change the game. Back in varsity there was a period at res where men went through an intense bodybuilding phase . It was simple “If you wanna get laid get sexy”. The pressure was on! This thing of conjuring females with ‘movies and wine’ in your cosy room was kaput. That movie and wine had to come with a 6 pack and biceps, if not it was tissue and vaseline for you. Read the rest of this entry »


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#HerWordSeries Part 2 “She is complicated?” – The unlearning … By Lunga Vuyo Ncala


“She is complicated?” – The unlearning

Seeking to understand her design purpose as woman, one had to undergo a process of unlearning all, stereotypes, all “men talk” conversations with the boys, all experiences and preconceived notions of what a woman is. Now the burning question is, why bother cause “she is complicated” for this very reason this statement exists, I need to uncomplicate shit and just know her for the truth that she is.

In this lesson I have unlearned that:

1. She is not complicated it is me who chooses to call her that. Maybe I’m attracted to abstract things or even maybe I call her that as a means of making the “discovery” of this complex being my own – God complex. Uhm. Whatever the reason behind my foolish & futile aspirations to “figure her out” all I know is that am lost in my own formulated complexity of her.

2. She is not mine to own or co-own in any form shape or size, rather that she is created of me by God for a purpose far beyond that I have assigned her too.

Article by Lunga Vuyo Ncala #ROW

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