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Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa Reacts To Jacob Zuma Not Resigning (MUST WATCH)

Editing by Kagiso Maloma

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New Republic of South Africa… (Marikana Massacre) By Ramoloti Kganakga

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A letter of distress to the movement,

I write to you because of the last weeks in NZAR

Showing how we are still in the middle of a revolution,

To be constitutionally viable to life, shelter, sanitation, good health and protection by the police’

I remember how the country was rejoicing to the snow a couple of years ago and the headlines reading “South Africa hasn’t experienced snow since 1987, bringing its people together in rejoice over the weather…” had, me skeptical about what it is we were happy for, because of the homeless people that had to adapt and a week later this very same country was divided between its Citizens and the South African Police Services in Marikana. Read the rest of this entry »

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