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The Black Middle Class Illusion

Post-Apartheid South Africa  has established a new classification of its own citizens by their economic status, talk of a confused country, by now there should be a balance between the Rich and Poor or attempts to achieve it, but nooo!! It’s rather used as a tool to measure who is the target market. One can quote Steve Biko and question if the struggle had direction or if someone along the lines forgot about such directions and formulated their own direction. Let us leave politics to politicians. Read the rest of this entry »

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South Africa: Live beyond your qualifications

Love Self Beautiful

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do”
-Freya Stark

Imagine yourself, fresh out of university in South Africa. Bright- eyed, bushy tailed. You’ve graduated with an Accounting degree and well on your way to becoming a member of the prestigious South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. In just a few more year, with your textbook knowledge, eagerness and willingness to please, you will be steady on the road to financial freedom… by yourself.

You grew up passionate about getting that job at the back page of the careers section in the Sunday Times newspaper. A job that paid more than your South African mind could fathom. Because in your mind, all you could think it would solve was living a life that would make you comfortable. A life that could allow you to take care of your family and…

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Meet The Geniuses…

GL logo black

The Below Genius Individuals contributed to Genius Level in making it what it is today and helping shape the minds of South Africans and many others across the world. These are the Shapeshifters!! Read the rest of this entry »

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The Lady Who Had A Beer Instead… Ayabonga Mguzulwa


A week ago I went out with two male friends of mine, and as per the norm of being young and going out when the natural light is off, we were indulging in alcoholic beverages. The rather spontaneous side of me wanted to experience what was so nice in a particular beer I had seen Cape Town girls drink. The emphasis is on Cape Town girls because it was something strange for me as a Johannesburg drinking female to see girls drink beer. I tried this brand of beer out, already light headed at the time and took some pictures to share with close friends on BBM. I expected some kind of reaction, and boy did I get one. The remarks were sugar-coated remarks of disgust, which made me realise how much of society pleasing behaviour we have become accustomed to, resulting in my thoughts being swayed away from the actual beer comments. Read the rest of this entry »


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Genius Level Hypeman

Genius Level (4)

After being bombarded with the subtle imprinting on my subconscious that has been going on, on my twitter and bbm for what feels like almost a year now, regarding this Genius Level thing, I found myself reading the Blog. At first, I thought Genius Level was some new catch phrase with a hashtag next to it that I wasn’t quite catching on or two words that one (Kagiso) says to themselves to assure themselves that they are cool, of higher intellect than their counterparts or that they have life figured out. Mine is #LiveForever. Anyway, I took a bash at reading the blog and the further I got the more one thing became certain; I needed to contribute. And so the same way this all began, I sent a BBM and I was well on my way, and I decided to start it like this. See what I did there, the beginning had begun and I haven’t even began yet #GeniusLevel. Read the rest of this entry »


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“When that rand leaves your wallet ask yourself if it will find a place to fight for your struggle or will be used to fight against your struggle”

The minute you ACCEPT, ACKNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTAND that as black person nobody cares about your struggle, the injustices you suffer, your economic exclusion, your history being edited and rewritten by Hollywood, systematic and structural oppression…The west doesn’t care about Africa and it’s problem. Don’t expect them too. Oppression and racism has lasted 5 centuries on all walks of the earth. You know why? Cause nobody gives a shit about your problems in fact they are the source of your problems. BLACK MAN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

Once you accept that, your soul is at peace and your attitude will change guaranteed and you will start acting accordingly. When they broadcast sympathy for Western countries when you never see them do the same for African countries? Change the channel, when they release movies depicting Egyptians as white don’t watch those movies, when companies refuse to follow transformation support those that do. When you see struggling hawkers and vendors support them. When they shove American music you don’t like down your throat? Change the station. When they give you hashtags to tweet when they witness tragedy ignore those. Stop fighting wars for people who would NEVER do it for you. Stop empathising with people who view you as sub human. The revolution will not be televised. It will not be broadcast or announced.

When that rand leaves your wallet ask yourself if it will find a place to fight for your struggle or will be used to fight against your struggle. You wouldn’t give more bullets to someone shooting you so why economically empower people that Use your money to oppress you

Article by Mzomuhle Msomi

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Fell In Love With The Girl With The Red Lipstick In The Club

It was all hugs and smiles when I met her
She even bought me a drink by the side of the bar
Kept complaining that her girls were drunk & getting outta hand
The wolf pack leader she had this scent of leadership about her
The night ended shortly after that with her red lipstick all over my lips

Maybe a lil bit of an infatuation from my side
But I felt I finally understood the concept of love at first sight
Could still feel her wet lips as I jumped into my sheets
Said a lil prayer in appreciation of all things beautiful around me
But more so the girl with the red lipstick to be precise
The girl with the natural eyebrows that would redefine your definition of fleek

It was only when morning hit that I realised I had forgotten to take her numbers
Maybe it was the extreme excitement that had my logic paralyzed
Writing this plea from the side of the bar where I had met her initially
been coming here everyday for the past 2 weeks since I met her hoping she’d pop in

So if you do ever see a sister with a natural fro, hazelnut eyes
a birthmark situated right at the back of her right thigh
Well toned physique, black and red pearl necklace and a red lipstick on

Tell her about the poem I wrote about her
Tell her I’ve been looking for her
Tell her that I think her lips taste like 3 full scoops of vanilla Ice cream
Tell her sweet nothings on my behalf…… Tell her whatever…

But just don’t tell her that I think I’ve fallen in love with a stranger…..

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