Genius Level Hookups will be bringing you some of the most innovative value add events starting July 2015…. We changing the way people see partying, it should really be a value add experience rather than just a night out, something memorable and aims to be more than just a party… #Unparty


There is no place that far!! 31st October we move the Windy City & Grahamestown to Johannesburg the Dome to watch one of our own make history!! Here at Genius Level we about letting our ideas outlive us!!

For more details visit our Facebook Event Page 

Lets #FillUpThePEBusToFillUpTheDome #Dreambig #Fillupthedome

Poster Gtown Poster PE

The Work-Out Party happened on the 4th September 2015 just as we were welcoming the spring season into play, we partied ourselves into shape on the dance floor… #Fitness #Unparty


The Bold Beautiful and Bossy Event happened on the eve of Women’s day 8th August 2015 celebrating the future boss lady in style!! #Unparty
Bold Beautiful & Bossy Ladies Night Outt

The Nerd Up party happened on the 25th of July 2015, celebrating the inner nerd within, the crazy overly genius person you are with attempt to encourage everyone to be comfortable with who they are regardless of what society paints you to be!! #Unparty
The Nerd Up Party 25 July Humewood


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