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Kendrick Lamar’s Verse On “Blacker The Berry” Rewritten The South African Way #StopXenophobia


We might just be the biggest hypocrites of 2015
once I finish this, South Africans will convey just what I mean

Thinking maliciously, if he come to my hood ima burn him
It’s sad how when you seeked refuge they let you in

It’s funny how 2 former cadres might go to war
Two political leaders that want to enrich and defraud
Reminds me of these fat cats that go to parliament and sleep
Beefing with each other, only ‘point of order’ settle the score…

So don’t matter how much I say I like maintaining Mandela’s legacy
Or tell all the scholars “Thabo Mbeki got all the answers”
Or Vote for ANC coz they the fathers of freedom
Or raise income taxes and and tell you to get an e-tag

Or celebrate Chad Le Clos because I’m a big fan of swimming
Or dive deep enough to land in the president’s fire pool
Or buy a new Beamer that will lead me to debt
So why did I build a compound when my people were starving?
When tribalism and ignorance made me kill a brother as African as me?

Hypocrite!! Read the rest of this entry »


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Kanye West’s Epic Speech About Love, Racism and Self-Expression At The BET HONORS Awards

“It’s about the ability to fail out load, Coz guess what? It adds to your story”

“Our power, our oil, since we don’t own any oil, is our expression, is our influence,” said Kanye. ”Don’t never let them take that away. And when we have the chance to express it and to influence, don’t only just do it for us, do it for the human race.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Kanye West on Hard work, Frustrations, Vision and Being a GENIUS

Kanye West Jimmy Kimmel Interview


It’s snobbery. And I’m not into all that snobbery. Because, you know what? We have the loudest voice, we have the loudest communication, and all we want to do is make awesome stuff. All we want is a real shot. Not: OK, I’m a celebrity, so that means my line has to cost ten dollars a t-shirt. No, I understand about quality. I understand about fabrics. I spent ten thousand hours at this. I’ve dedicated my life to this. And a lot of people say, “OK, you have to do music.” I’m gonna keep doing music, but what if people told me I couldn’t rap, what woulda happened? What if people told me I couldn’t perform. I’m only 36 years old; I have other goals and other things. And I’m gonna use my platform, every platform, to stand up and say, “I want to make something, I want to make the next Ralph Lauren.” That was the point of the Zane interview, to say, people don’t stand up to protect their dreams. People are too scared of getting, you know, spoofed in a way. Read the rest of this entry »

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