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Flabba Freestyle: “Need I Remind You”

“You call me Illuminati, but a good dog gone bad_  iluma nathi” Err Ke Flabba

A genius in his craft, a lyrical comedian and punch line maniac, he will forever remain immortal through his music…


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Rhythmic Hallucinations Of Love #VDay… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

It’s amazing how love goes

What it evokes

How it erupts

How it engulfs

How it expands

Just how it extends

It’s amazing how love teaches

What it relates

About patience

About kindness

About oneness

It’s amazing how love is making me


What it’s awakened

These vibrations


All tingly







Beautiful ballads

Beautiful ballads

Our love

Is a beautiful ballad.

Poem By Thatego Madia

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Kanye West Is The Greatest Because He’s Fearless #geniuslevel

It’s a known fact that people get scared of things they do not understand… If makes them uncomfortable, makes them wonder why they aren’t different, it makes them uncomfortable as it stretches their way of thinking and their way of seeing things, it opens up their imagination and vision; of which is all uncomfortable… Change is uncomfortable… Kanye is a brilliant weirdo.

No one can objectively/accurately give critical analysis or commentary on an anomaly. Same way how the idea of being an expert is flawed because being an expert entails knowledge within a specific knowledge area, you can only give expert commentary on things that are current, trends that aren’t new.. Which entails limitation! You cannot give expert advice on futuristic things that break away from the norm, well because you aren’t knowledgeable of such right? I’ll explain later…

Kanye to me is genius, a legend! GOT!! Leader of the new school!! The breaker of norms and one of the greatest innovators of our time. Not because he’s good or talented…

But because he’s fearless!!

Fearless I’m the way he makes his beats

Fearless in the way he makes his music

Fearless in the way he sings, tweets, raps and produces

Fearless in the way he makes clothes and designs

Fearless in the public commentary he makes

He’s a free thinker who isn’t scarred to make mistakes, which is why he’s so far ahead of most of us… You cannot learn when you too cautious and safe.

Mastery comes from trial and error...

He acknowledges no limitations, sees no boundaries and is hell bent to fight for whatever he believe in… He fights for what he believes is right and isn’t scared to fight for others
He’s so much of a human being in that he’s free to say whatever he thinks is right… He empowers his own thought process without fear of judgement or reprimand! But the one thing we can all agree on is that he’s so much of a bigger person as he’s not too egotistic to apologize or admit he was wrong.
He’s taken on the likes of Nike and Puma! He’s even declared war on all smokers Loool.

He does not back down, this is the dude who was told that he can’t rap.

He puts in the hours and has a clear sight of where he wants to be, he’s futuristic and doesn’t limit his reach or talents to one area. His creative process is he makes music that he likes, music that he would want to bang in his car, so if he likes a song he’ll put it out, not because he thinks its a club banger.

I could go on an on but one thing we all know about Kanye is you cannot ignore him. He keeps redefining himself and in the same light sort of uncomfortably inspires you to try harder, he inspires you to believe in yourself… He once said that if you are a fan of Kanye, you not just a fan of Kanye, you are a fan of music. He inspires you to be yourself and not afraid to speak your mind or try whatever the hell it is you wanna try.

With that being said… Tuuuude!! I really can’t wait for the new album to drop!!

By Kagiso Maloma

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Dear really cute girl with a boyfriend… By Joshau Bennet

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Dear really cute girl with a boyfriend
who I suspect doesn’t love her half
as much as I could if given the proper chance. Read the rest of this entry »

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No More Parties In Rosebank… #liquidchefs

I’m a dead beat academic I hate library sessions
Cut my food budget in half to fund the blissful morning after stories

Never mind the hangover as I narrate to the wolf-pack how I jumped into my
Jordans went dunking into the bright lights and woke up with a Cinderella
that slept with both heels on

The night lights are enticing
The attires fall far above the knee even on a cold winter day

Pledges to turn up become a weekly ritual as we drink and dance the night away
The dance floor is where the shy self always finds numbness
Where faults and flaws bear no meaning

A night out with the gents becomes more than just an outing
Memories made, new friends made as it’s a place where like-minded beings connect
Carefree living and you begin to realize that in-depth conversations about nothing are everything

Here’s to the old memories made and to the one we will hold dear forever
Here’s to the silly times we laughed out loud foreal
And here’s to pursuing happiness right up until the lights come down..



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She Had A Spark Of Divine About Her…. But My iPhone Almost Let Me Down… By Kagiso Maloma

She had a spark of divine about her….

You know? untied dreadlocks with an aura close to non
The type to make your day just by looking your way

Yet the chills her touch gave made it feel like it was all imagined

No steletos to heel on as she walked barefoot on the beach sand
She’s the type of sand you bring to the beach as she’s just  better
I cut the WiFi at my house as our connection was naturally virtual and telepathic… Read the rest of this entry »

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“A Tale of 2 Geniuses” Kendrick & J Cole Might Just Be Dropping A Project Real Soon!!

they can’t handle two Black niggas this clever” Cole

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole together dropped freestyles on black Friday as a discount to music and hip-hop fans.

Quick Side Note:
{But before I start, its #MONEYMONDAY so it’s only right I throw in some relevance…As far as the stats go, Kendrick Lamar net worth is $18 million, while J. Cole net worth is $15 million… }

The freestyles feature Kendrick rapping over J Cole’s “A Tale Of 2 Cities” beat and in-return J Cole raps over “Alright”. I listened to the two joints early this morning as a friend tossed me a link to the page and i must say ever since I’ve been hyped up. Really looking forward to the final project, cant wait!

As my top 2 stands, Kendrick Lamar comes first no doubt with J Cole coming in second. Both versions are stratospheric with some prretty dope lines and flow to go with. below is some of the lyrics that stood out for me. A lot of people suggest Kendrick renegated Cole on his own beat, you be the judge pf that.

I’m yelling Mr. Kanye West for president
He probably let me get some head inside the residence
I’m in the White House going all out
Bumping College Dropout, God-bless Americans

Nothing more influential than rap music
I merge jazz fusion with the trap music
I mix black soul with some rock and roll
They never box me in, I’m David Blaine-ing all you hoes
 Kendrick Lamar

MP3 J Cole Black Friday ‘Alright’

MP3 Kendrick Lamar Black Friday ‘A tale of 2 cities’

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