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I’m A Dead Beat Side Guy… I’ve fallen for Her :(


I’m a dead beat side guy I hate not being able to
write poems about her
Gabrielle Union type of character she smells
like a clean jump shot

Hate not being able to woman crush her and
watch as my Instagram lights up Read the rest of this entry »


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Who Killed Chivalry? By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


‘How To Be A Modern Knight’

We live in a world were interactions with the opposite sex are massive, and are no longer reserved for certain occasions. Way back in the day, men and women only interacted during courtship, as man and wife or at the ‘gentleman’s club’ making it rain. But now, we mingle everywhere, but the biggest difference between then and now is how men act when they interact with women. Very few men understand or even appreciate the art of chivalry, because if they did, their game would be on a 1000, just like our granddad’s were, who we now call ‘old school players’. Women aren’t all wooed by money; chivalry has always done the trick. I’m going to share 5 chivalrous moves, fool proof to impress for success in your dating life.

“Who killed Chivalry? they need to get their sentencing” Drake – July ft. Jhene Aiko

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Vodka, Ice Cream & T’issues’… “What Every Women Needs To Know” By Pamela Kunene


 “If you’re in a relationship and all you do is cry every day, you’ll need to stop and ask yourself, ‘Am I dating a human or an onion” – Unknown

I am not sure who came up with this quote but I found it hilarious the first time I read it, well not anymore. I knew that a lot of women put up with a lot crap that men put them through, but after the conversation I recently had with my friend, I got exasperated, infuriated and all sorts of emotions you can think of.

She got into a relationship with a guy she knew had a girlfriend, unfortunately she agreed to an arrangement that when the girlfriend is around she must know her place (give the guy some space to be with the main chick). That didn’t bother her much because the girlfriend was never around anyways, so technically she was the majority shareholder and the girlfriend was obviously the minority shareholder, and besides that Luther Vandross says “Love the one you are with”. Read the rest of this entry »


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Lost Manuscripts From A Conversation I Had with A Girl that Wasn’t There… By Kagiso Maloma


Conversation With A Girl that Wasn’t There…

The real question I really wanted to ask her was: Why the hell are you not here
Telepathic in her senses she replied: you not yet ready to receive me
Cunning in my ways I tried smooth talking her
Her never being there, she reminded me that I would really just be trying to convince myself from what I already knew… I wasn’t ready to receive her

The seconds seemed to accumulate quickly into minutes and then into hours
She spoke on love and how she defined it to be a soul’s recognition of its counterpart
She told stories of how the world converges to give you the things you so desire at the right time
Stories of crying mockingbirds, cursed eagles born with a single wing and broken hearts that could never be sown back together…
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I Have Decided To Not Wait For Any Man To Inject Worth In My Life… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


I’m a hardcore romance enthusiast, from the cheesy, to the old school all the way to the new school, I’m infatuated by the theory of sparks flying and love the concept behind chemistry. Thing about being like me is that, the quest for that gag inducing romance is that, people watch movies, then use the cheesy one liners on oblivious people like me, then shit hits the fan pretty soon.

My fascination with the fairy-tale romance was ignited indeed by the fairy-tales my mom read for my sisters and I every night. I would close my eyes and see the Prince come riding on a white horse, thorough the fog to save the damsel in distress. It ignited a belief in me, that if someone really wants to be with you, they will do whatever it takes. Needless to say, I haven’t always kept to my beliefs. But because life is about coming back to yourself, to find yourself, I have not only embraced my romance-indulgence, but I’m smart about it now. Read the rest of this entry »

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50 Shades Of Trying To Fit In #BaeEpidemic

love don't cost a thing nick cannon - Google Search - Google Chrome_2015-02-08_19-22-15

‘It’s really overwhelming for one to live up to the standards set by a totally fictional flawless movie character’

Almost if not all of us are hypnotics. The proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, and the people believed properly. Just like how Cobb in Inception went about his business.

The self-hate epidemic, the media, and the music you listen to, your favourite rapper and musicians have somehow managed to filter through into our personalities, and they control perception and trends. They are the holders of the rule book, the trend setters. Wait till you hear Bae complain that you do not comply in accordance to Sam Smith’s lyrics. Or Harvey Spector would have done this or that. It’s really overwhelming for one to live up to the standards set by a totally fictional flawless movie character. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dear really cute girl with a boyfriend… By Joshau Bennet

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Dear really cute girl with a boyfriend
who I suspect doesn’t love her half
as much as I could if given the proper chance. Read the rest of this entry »

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