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Untold Stories Of Everyday People We Ignore On A Daily… By Avela Sidaki

These are the inner secrets of everyday people we ignore on a daily,. I am inspired by people I encounter everyday and when I look at them I wonder if they feared no rejection or prejudice, what would they say…. Just what is going on in their minds??

THABO (Everyday Person)

It’s dark and the air is especially piercing. I have definitely had better days. I must have been out like a lamp all night. I can feel a cough creeping up my throat as I choke on a tear. I can not cry, I’m not allowed to cry. I wince as I try to get up despite the creeking and cracking of bones, ligaments, and cramping of muscles. There are quite a few things you tend to get accustomed to when you live on a box in the city, being beaten up by a gang of 12 year old thugs is not one of them.


The pleasant aroma from the bakery violates my sense, so I know dawn is near. I wish my stomach was not more demanding than my lungs. I wish that with one whiff my belly would bulge and I’d be filled. With dawn comes a host of blank ignoring faces. I guess these faces have names and homes and 10 year old kids who look just like me. 10 year old kids who are not me.


In the crowd there is just one face that always stands out though. you don’t know me, you’ve probably never noticed me, but I call you my big brother. See you walk and talk like you’ve got it all figured out life and all. See I see you even on Sundays with a bounce in your step and a praise in your heart. You just don’t know me. I’m afraid if I say hi, you’ll tell me you don’t have money for me or simply ignore me, my heart would shatter. If only you knew, money can come later. All I need from you is a hello and a conversation see you don’t know me, but big bro, you’re all I have.


Ironically My name is a monosyllabic word that means Happiness.


You might not know it you might not see it, but someone looks up to you big bro. You always have something to offer, even when your pockets are cold.

Article by Avela Sidaki


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Remember Job Masego… #BlackButterflyThursday

This is a portrait of a South African WW2 soldier, his name was Job Masego and like millions of other Commonwealth soldiers he volunteered to defend the British Empire. He was captured during the fall of Tobruk. As a POW he was put to work offloading German supply ships. One day he complained to some guards that he didn’t get enough water for bathing himself, the guards mocked him by saying that he was already too black and that bathing would be a waste of water for him. Being a proud man Job decided to get his own back, over the next few weeks he collected cordite from unused rifle rounds that was still littering the battle field. With the cordite, some pieces of fuse wire and a milk tin he made a bomb which he kept on him until he could stash it on a German ship. When the moment was right he hid his bomb between some petrol cans next to large stack of ammunition and lit the fuse. By the time he got back to the prison barracks a huge plume of black smoke was rising from the docks. His honour was restored, he had sunk a supply ship and struck a mighty blow for the Empire. A few weeks later he escaped from the camp and walked for 23 days across the desert until he met up with the South African army advancing towards Al Alamein. Job was recommended for the Victoria Cross but according to the artist who painted his portrait the authorities said he “was only an African”…Remember Job Masego…

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“THIS IS WHAT MAKES ME A SOUTH AFRICAN” Mandela Day dedication By Kagiso Maloma

This poem is undated, it is neither truth, fiction nor lie. It’s what you make of it…

I’m a South African

For I call my two room bedroom house a compound, a part of my inspiration is a youth league graduate formerly introduced to the world as a trouble maker, I defy the Westernized rules by entering parliament with a miner and domestic worker’s uniform.

I’m a South African

The guy who drives me to work every morning scares me more than my boss; I know I could be great but I chose to do just enough. I overly celebrate goals that do not matter like my national team, culture and tradition were once well deep rooted in me, but for now I’m just comfortable being my own Man Crush on any given Monday, with my skhothane shoes being the second ugliest thing apart from my bad credit. Ke phela ka skoloto.

Who am I? I’m ‘The village boy that bought a fancy German car’

Genius Level was never taught to me yet I’ve managed to flirt with it. One of my dreams include going to UCT and becoming a Chartered Accountant. My parents are overly proud of me having made it to University, yet see the confusion in their eyes when asked as to what am I studying?

I’m a South African

I complain about not having the time to do my work yet I spent hours on the TV anticipating dragon fights and a winter that never came. I hate my own kind but I always seem to get attached to TV characters.

I’m a South African

In the commercial playground I’m referred to as newly issued shares.I hang around with other blue chip countries and trade on the stock market with them. I ask for no privileges and sympathy as I know I will one day make it, for one who makes it the hardest, makes it the best. Expensive bottles give me the drive I need to hunger for Le good life I’m gonna attain when I do it big. I don’t wanna be on the cover of a Forbs magazine, I intend being on the cover of my own magazine.

I got shot while I was trying to draw a baby bottle out of my waist in attempts to feed a young nation that hungers for guidance. The African Robin Hood, ba mpitsa Tsotsi.

I’m a South African

With Maleven being my role model, I really should not complain about the crime in this country. I plan to win at this thing called life, but first I have to tell the twitter community about it. At times I actually do feel like I should just get off social media and get a job.

I’m a South African

Fear not, for I am a newly issued share, the market has opened its doors for me and I plan on diversifying my knowledge base and earn return on my efforts. I’m well educated, my library was the river bank where disposal trucks dumbed off millions worth of knowledge inscribed on paper. I turn negatives into positives, hatred into forgiveness. I am young at heart, amazing, motivated and driven!! With one thing in mind, success and beyond!

This is what makes me a South African…

By Kagiso Maloma



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TAKEN “The Day Boko Haram Kidnapped Liam Neeson’s Daughter”

140714-boko-haram-shekau-5a_7f2bcf50180bbeb700135f7e1e313a3c.From the day I heard about the bring back our girls hashtag (#bringbackourgirls) I was puzzled, who still performs such acts in this day and age, caught up in my own reality I had lost touch with the imperfections that are happening in the real world. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why Does Your Brother’s Excellent Work Ethic Tick You Off??? #StopXenophobia … By Avela Sidaki


Hi I’m Different

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

My name is unimportant but I’m from an island just south of Africa. I am proud product of my past, see without violence and drama I have no meaning. Imprinted in my spirit I have the heart of uShaka, the wisdom of Hendrik Verwoerd and the pride of politics. See I am a product of a culture that embraces ignorance, why would I even be bothered with Education? I boast about where I’ve been, you see unless you know your past, you can never go anywhere, look I wear my scars like a badge. To be honest I really do not see a future for myself. My life is here in my corner hustling another meal for myself. YES FOR MYSELF, this is where many men miss this father thing, these little bastards must learn to be tough from a very young age.  Crime, I’m callous to that. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do to get his. However, despite the fact that I have never had a CV or a business plan I am sure I would find a job if these foreigners were not all over the place. Read the rest of this entry »

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Retreat but never surrender “Lend A Helping Hand”


Lend A Helping Hand…..

Last summer holidays Starting now SA and Protest Art held a camp that took place in between the mountains of Hartebees at Ha phororo Youth retreat,  that specializes in hosting team building functions and or sanctions for the youth who are in pursuit of becoming self-conscious of the world under God.`

After many planning’s and fundraising the bus finally left the Christian Church Christ Care Centre, situated in Berea,  on route  to the North West filled with jubilant  kids from the ages of 3 to 14, some anxious for the familiar experience and others welcoming the new venture. Read the rest of this entry »


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‘CANSA Relay For Life Port Elizabeth 6 March 2015’ #TODAY

CANSA RFL 2015 PE Event A5 Leaflet


CANSA Relay For Life is a unique event, supported by and
Bokomo Weet-Bix, offering everyone in a community the
opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Relay For
Life is a fun-filled, overnight team event that raises awareness of
cancer in the community and raises much needed funds to fight
cancer. The event is community and volunteer driven.
At the heart of Relay is the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, to
remember those who have left us and create awareness about cancer. Read the rest of this entry »


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