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Flabba Freestyle: “Need I Remind You”

“You call me Illuminati, but a good dog gone bad_  iluma nathi” Err Ke Flabba

A genius in his craft, a lyrical comedian and punch line maniac, he will forever remain immortal through his music…


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Genius Level Hypeman

Genius Level (4)

After being bombarded with the subtle imprinting on my subconscious that has been going on, on my twitter and bbm for what feels like almost a year now, regarding this Genius Level thing, I found myself reading the Blog. At first, I thought Genius Level was some new catch phrase with a hashtag next to it that I wasn’t quite catching on or two words that one (Kagiso) says to themselves to assure themselves that they are cool, of higher intellect than their counterparts or that they have life figured out. Mine is #LiveForever. Anyway, I took a bash at reading the blog and the further I got the more one thing became certain; I needed to contribute. And so the same way this all began, I sent a BBM and I was well on my way, and I decided to start it like this. See what I did there, the beginning had begun and I haven’t even began yet #GeniusLevel. Read the rest of this entry »


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THESE BANKS NEVER LOVED US “The I Got Your Back Illusion”…


As for me using the ‘never loved us’ quotable, I’m merely trying to connect with the more vibey don’t care about financial articles readers, the ones who need it the most. I’m proving to be flexible right? I might just self proclaim myself as a yoga master; lets meditate.

So I’m at work right, a call comes in and guess who it is, the bank. Steve from a bank that I shall not name greets me by name, no better yet by surname. “Morning Mr. Maloma”. By this time you can imagine I’m feeling official…. “If you are the type of person who cares about your financial well being and would love to have some extra cash to spend on your Father this Father’s day we have a loan well tailored for your financial needs”. If I was of a different mind and had no education on financial literature you can imagine I would be sold thinking these people know me individually so far as tailoring their products to suite my financial needs. Truth is this is how they make their money and manage to get millions of poor South Africans into taking out massive amounts of credit that they can never afford to pay back and before you know it they taking your house, household items and your car. Read the rest of this entry »


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“How Do YOU Define Yourself” by Lizzie Velasquez


“Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem_ Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams” Kanye West #Kanyetypeofselflove

So a couple of days back I started this challenge were I planned to watch a TED video each day in attempts to surround myself with that “white golden rainbow of positivity of which no negativity can enter”, lol talk about a positive brother. Just kidding, I’m basically obsessed with finding out ways to maintain consistent levels of inspiration, motivation, geniusness and all things awesome, if TED can help me, then so be it. So yeh join me with this challenge and feel free to share with me whenever you stumble across something worth sharing.

Now here I am 12 at night going through YouTube in search of such material……. I know you know what I’m talking about when I say sometimes you just stumble across certain things that instantly and I mean instantly automatically change the way you see things, things that change your trend of thought crafting you into somewhat of a better being and a more humane person than your previous self.

So the question is, HOW DO YOU DEFINE YOURSELF????? Lizzie Velasquez is genius, amazing!!

“How do you define yourself? I used their negativity to light my fire and keep going……and remember brave starts here”

I’m really, really, really excited to be here. I kind of want to tell you little bit more of the – I don’t want to say basics, because we don’t really know anything about my syndrome.

I was born with this very, very rare syndrome that only two other people in the world, including myself thought we know of have. Basically, what this syndrome causes is that I cannot gain weight.

Yes, it does sound as good as it is. I can eat absolutely whatever I want, whenever I want and I won’t really gain any weight.
I’m going to be 25 in March and I’ve never weighed over about 64 pounds in my entire life. Read the rest of this entry »


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New Republic of South Africa… (Marikana Massacre) By Ramoloti Kganakga

geniuslevels (4)

A letter of distress to the movement,

I write to you because of the last weeks in NZAR

Showing how we are still in the middle of a revolution,

To be constitutionally viable to life, shelter, sanitation, good health and protection by the police’

I remember how the country was rejoicing to the snow a couple of years ago and the headlines reading “South Africa hasn’t experienced snow since 1987, bringing its people together in rejoice over the weather…” had, me skeptical about what it is we were happy for, because of the homeless people that had to adapt and a week later this very same country was divided between its Citizens and the South African Police Services in Marikana. Read the rest of this entry »

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Genius Level Excalibur!!


To assume everyone would know what the Excalibur is would be a rock stuck-up mistake from my part. The Excalibur is most probably thee most famous sword in history, yeh who cares about Lightsabers right?

The Excalibur is the magical sword that King Arthur alone managed to remove from the stone.

Don’t you be scared, I’m not going to quote pages from my favourite comic strip. The Excalibur simulates a very significant struggle we all should go through in order to reach that so desired Genius Level.

In the movie King Arthur, countless number of people tried countless number of times to remove the magical Sword from the stone, and attempt after attempt no one was able to remove it. Now draw a line for a moment, try thinking like there is no box and only then you will start to notice that the Excalibar that could not be removed from the stone represents everyday hardships. You will then start to see that the everyday ‘struggles’ you go through are just like the sword stuck in the stone, it is never easy to draw them out of the stone. Hell it might even take months or the famous 21 day habitual build up period to concur whatever shortcoming you are facing.

Either it be trouble waking up in the morning, trouble focusing in class, trouble concentrating in the library, trouble getting yourself to a desired discipline level, trouble coming up with brilliant innovative ideas for your marketing team, trouble getting your business out there; it could be anything that you want to achieve, one thing remains clear with these, the process of concurring these troubles will not be easy, might even be difficult or take years to accomplish. Picture all those troubles as the stone that is locking you in and holding you back from realising you full potential.


You may choose to give up but that only means you remain entrapped to the stone and live a very limited life of regrets and routine.

Unleash the King within and do all things possible given your drive and motivation that is well within you to draw yourself out of the stones that are holding you back.

Pressa Pusha Panda!!

Once you fully out of all things holding you back you will then realise you can wield yourself swiftly and cut through all opportunities you have been waiting for, just like the Excalibur that was useless while entrapped in the rock, once King Arthur removed is from the stone it became the most powerful sword the world has ever witnessed. Your best is awaiting……………………




Article by Kagiso Maloma


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The Genius Thief Who Broke In & Stole My book Collection…..


As I had decided to take a break from alcohol, I was feeling a bit out of turnup character at the club where I was chilling with my friend swerving to some Hip-hop jams. Being of a mood that did not blend in with the scenery I decided to call it a night early and drive home. Got to my place, threw the keys on the couch without a lit up welcoming from bae as I scream “honey I’m home!!” lol, none of that, just a cold house fit for a bachelor like myself.

Round about 3 o clock before I hit the sack, I decided to check out some YouTube videos, funny how the logarithm used in the software always has me feeling like the dudes at Google know me personally. Ended up passing out in the process with the video still playing; perks of having unlimited Wi-Fi in the house. Read the rest of this entry »


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