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I’m A Dead Beat Side Guy… I’ve fallen for Her :(


I’m a dead beat side guy I hate not being able to
write poems about her
Gabrielle Union type of character she smells
like a clean jump shot

Hate not being able to woman crush her and
watch as my Instagram lights up Read the rest of this entry »


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Fell In Love With The Girl With The Red Lipstick In The Club

It was all hugs and smiles when I met her
She even bought me a drink by the side of the bar
Kept complaining that her girls were drunk & getting outta hand
The wolf pack leader she had this scent of leadership about her
The night ended shortly after that with her red lipstick all over my lips

Maybe a lil bit of an infatuation from my side
But I felt I finally understood the concept of love at first sight
Could still feel her wet lips as I jumped into my sheets
Said a lil prayer in appreciation of all things beautiful around me
But more so the girl with the red lipstick to be precise
The girl with the natural eyebrows that would redefine your definition of fleek

It was only when morning hit that I realised I had forgotten to take her numbers
Maybe it was the extreme excitement that had my logic paralyzed
Writing this plea from the side of the bar where I had met her initially
been coming here everyday for the past 2 weeks since I met her hoping she’d pop in

So if you do ever see a sister with a natural fro, hazelnut eyes
a birthmark situated right at the back of her right thigh
Well toned physique, black and red pearl necklace and a red lipstick on

Tell her about the poem I wrote about her
Tell her I’ve been looking for her
Tell her that I think her lips taste like 3 full scoops of vanilla Ice cream
Tell her sweet nothings on my behalf…… Tell her whatever…

But just don’t tell her that I think I’ve fallen in love with a stranger…..

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No But Really I Just Wanted Him To Hit That’s It! No Attachments…

It started off with this weird compulsion of him assuming my apartment was a B&B
A fuckboy of note he started catching feelings from the first drink I offered to buy
Had been doing way too many late nights at work so figured let me go with the flow tonight
So I got home, dressed up and headed out without the girls
They way too judgmental either-way, not in the mood for a Sunday intervention
Given my ratchet intentions for the night, I was soo riding solo

Picking up a guy is really easy if you know how to play it smooth
My victim for the night had no idea what was coming his way
Bug argh this boys are childish nowadays
First was the unfunny jokes then came the childish sweet-nothings and pickup-lines

In my mind I had already picked him for the night was just hoping he doesn’t fuck it up
Could tell he was nervous as we got to my place by the way he couldn’t stop talking
First was the over kissing and spanking of my behind

Next thing he dies out 5 minutes into it
Then Came the wired cuddles in the early hours
Thinking to myself now I know I just didn’t leave the club to this BS
Don’t get me started about all the snoring and the smelly armpits

At this point he had no idea what my name was
Had already given him the wrong numbers so as to avoid any re-ignition of this failed good-time
Soon as he died out he promised an early round soon as morning comes

Decided I’ve had enough..
No but really I just wanted him to hit that was it
No emotions, no attachments
Can’t a girl just have fun without you assuming I wanna date?

Started brainstorming ways of how to get rid of this little situation…

A quick tap on my iPhone and the driver came to get him!



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She’s An Elation Of Ecstasy I’ve Ever Only Encountered Once…


An Elation of ecstasy I’ve only ever encountered once…
Maybe a figment of my imagination.. 
Maybe a past memory or a dream
The evoker of emotion not of me

She got me feeling like a stoner
Peaking out of my window
Hoping she maybe walks by
With my phone always within rage

Just maybe she might call
or maybe reply to old texts I had sent

And just maybe I’ll finally get my fix

No wait! she got me feeling like a stalker

In attempts to not scare her away
That’s if I ever do see her again
I deny ever writing this poem about her…

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Rhythmic Hallucinations Of Love #VDay… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

It’s amazing how love goes

What it evokes

How it erupts

How it engulfs

How it expands

Just how it extends

It’s amazing how love teaches

What it relates

About patience

About kindness

About oneness

It’s amazing how love is making me


What it’s awakened

These vibrations


All tingly







Beautiful ballads

Beautiful ballads

Our love

Is a beautiful ballad.

Poem By Thatego Madia

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Kanye West Is The Greatest Because He’s Fearless #geniuslevel

It’s a known fact that people get scared of things they do not understand… If makes them uncomfortable, makes them wonder why they aren’t different, it makes them uncomfortable as it stretches their way of thinking and their way of seeing things, it opens up their imagination and vision; of which is all uncomfortable… Change is uncomfortable… Kanye is a brilliant weirdo.

No one can objectively/accurately give critical analysis or commentary on an anomaly. Same way how the idea of being an expert is flawed because being an expert entails knowledge within a specific knowledge area, you can only give expert commentary on things that are current, trends that aren’t new.. Which entails limitation! You cannot give expert advice on futuristic things that break away from the norm, well because you aren’t knowledgeable of such right? I’ll explain later…

Kanye to me is genius, a legend! GOT!! Leader of the new school!! The breaker of norms and one of the greatest innovators of our time. Not because he’s good or talented…

But because he’s fearless!!

Fearless I’m the way he makes his beats

Fearless in the way he makes his music

Fearless in the way he sings, tweets, raps and produces

Fearless in the way he makes clothes and designs

Fearless in the public commentary he makes

He’s a free thinker who isn’t scarred to make mistakes, which is why he’s so far ahead of most of us… You cannot learn when you too cautious and safe.

Mastery comes from trial and error...

He acknowledges no limitations, sees no boundaries and is hell bent to fight for whatever he believe in… He fights for what he believes is right and isn’t scared to fight for others
He’s so much of a human being in that he’s free to say whatever he thinks is right… He empowers his own thought process without fear of judgement or reprimand! But the one thing we can all agree on is that he’s so much of a bigger person as he’s not too egotistic to apologize or admit he was wrong.
He’s taken on the likes of Nike and Puma! He’s even declared war on all smokers Loool.

He does not back down, this is the dude who was told that he can’t rap.

He puts in the hours and has a clear sight of where he wants to be, he’s futuristic and doesn’t limit his reach or talents to one area. His creative process is he makes music that he likes, music that he would want to bang in his car, so if he likes a song he’ll put it out, not because he thinks its a club banger.

I could go on an on but one thing we all know about Kanye is you cannot ignore him. He keeps redefining himself and in the same light sort of uncomfortably inspires you to try harder, he inspires you to believe in yourself… He once said that if you are a fan of Kanye, you not just a fan of Kanye, you are a fan of music. He inspires you to be yourself and not afraid to speak your mind or try whatever the hell it is you wanna try.

With that being said… Tuuuude!! I really can’t wait for the new album to drop!!

By Kagiso Maloma

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Dear really cute girl with a boyfriend… By Joshau Bennet

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Dear really cute girl with a boyfriend
who I suspect doesn’t love her half
as much as I could if given the proper chance. Read the rest of this entry »

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