I’m A Dead Beat Side Guy… I’ve fallen for Her :(

30 Mar


I’m a dead beat side guy I hate not being able to
write poems about her
Gabrielle Union type of character she smells
like a clean jump shot

Hate not being able to woman crush her and
watch as my Instagram lights up

The way she treats me like the I’m the only one while I
know I’m not
Would have anyone go poetic and
writing in cursive

Let’s start from the very beginning and
remember how sweet the middle forbidden
Eden fruit was

Her name wasn’t Eve but you’d swear by
the way we fuse she was of my making

Not much of a scientist but I swear me
and her stay close like reactive elements
on a periodic table…

She’s with me for my set of skills that I’ve
acquired over the years like Liam Neeson
I assume… Every time she disappears in
my dreams the last words I echo are “I will find you”

I hate having to be put on the clock whenever I’m with her…
I hate how time fast-forwards when she’s with me

Hate how she has this game thing on lock while I seem
to have ignited with my feminine side

I hate her but I love her but I can never tell her as she
made it clear that we can never become

Not sure what hurts the most, not having her or seeing
her leave me in pursuit of another…



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