Fell In Love With The Girl With The Red Lipstick In The Club

23 Mar

It was all hugs and smiles when I met her
She even bought me a drink by the side of the bar
Kept complaining that her girls were drunk & getting outta hand
The wolf pack leader she had this scent of leadership about her
The night ended shortly after that with her red lipstick all over my lips

Maybe a lil bit of an infatuation from my side
But I felt I finally understood the concept of love at first sight
Could still feel her wet lips as I jumped into my sheets
Said a lil prayer in appreciation of all things beautiful around me
But more so the girl with the red lipstick to be precise
The girl with the natural eyebrows that would redefine your definition of fleek

It was only when morning hit that I realised I had forgotten to take her numbers
Maybe it was the extreme excitement that had my logic paralyzed
Writing this plea from the side of the bar where I had met her initially
been coming here everyday for the past 2 weeks since I met her hoping she’d pop in

So if you do ever see a sister with a natural fro, hazelnut eyes
a birthmark situated right at the back of her right thigh
Well toned physique, black and red pearl necklace and a red lipstick on

Tell her about the poem I wrote about her
Tell her I’ve been looking for her
Tell her that I think her lips taste like 3 full scoops of vanilla Ice cream
Tell her sweet nothings on my behalf…… Tell her whatever…

But just don’t tell her that I think I’ve fallen in love with a stranger…..

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Posted by on March 23, 2016 in Art


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