I Have Decided To Not Wait For Any Man To Inject Worth In My Life… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

17 Mar


I’m a hardcore romance enthusiast, from the cheesy, to the old school all the way to the new school, I’m infatuated by the theory of sparks flying and love the concept behind chemistry. Thing about being like me is that, the quest for that gag inducing romance is that, people watch movies, then use the cheesy one liners on oblivious people like me, then shit hits the fan pretty soon.

My fascination with the fairy-tale romance was ignited indeed by the fairy-tales my mom read for my sisters and I every night. I would close my eyes and see the Prince come riding on a white horse, thorough the fog to save the damsel in distress. It ignited a belief in me, that if someone really wants to be with you, they will do whatever it takes. Needless to say, I haven’t always kept to my beliefs. But because life is about coming back to yourself, to find yourself, I have not only embraced my romance-indulgence, but I’m smart about it now.
“life is about coming back to yourself, to find yourself”

So let me cut to the chase, I meet a lot of guys who try their luck with me, if not me, then with the ladies I’m around, and it’s during those interactions were you’ll see that guys watch romcoms!! The one liners that are supposed “panty droppers” are scattered left, right and centre, either about the eyes, or remarks fishing for a kiss, I mean COME ON! So when I roll my eyes and let out a sigh, guy here thinks I’m playing hard to get, while the truth of the matter is that, you can’t insinuate to be in a game with me, without my knowledge, now you’re running mad. This may sound a tad harsh, but my truth is my truth, telling me that I’m beautiful, that you like me, that you have plans for me is nothing but just cheap, non binding, meaningless words, especially if we’ve just met.

“you can’t insinuate to be in a game with me, without my knowledge”

My mother once told me that guys will tell you anything to get with you, that, if you have no measure of your own self worth, you’ll believe everything they say, today, I call those type of men ‘sweet tongue brothers’, the most disingenuous men around. I have decided to not wait for any man to inject worth in my life, because I know what I have to offer in a relationship, I’m not a little insecure puppy you keep to lick you affectionately when you get home, and make you feel all good inside, nope. There are people who are looking for a ‘saving face’ type of relationship, and those people wind up in relationships for the purpose of not being alone, and not having to explain the standards they want their partner to uphold, if there are any, in fear of being called ‘too picky‘. Then there are others who have had enough of the sweet tongue brother, and are looking for honest men, men who court women, men who treat their women as partners and not just as wall flowers, men who cheer for their women as hard as their women cheer for them, men who understand their standards, and are in it for the long haul, men of substance, that is what women today need.

Unfortunately for women drawn to the second type of man, there are brothers who cannot be bothered to put in so much work, they want to have a little bit of you and all your friends, hoping that while they figure themselves out, you are up waiting by your phone, hoping they call you, and have a problem if you challenge their smart mouths. But fortunately for those guys, there are girls who are willing to wait up for their call, are open to trusting all their sweet talk, while they get down to business with your friends, but just a little side note, girls like that are fleeting. You might need to stop telling me what you think I want to hear and start putting in the work.

Article By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

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