Quick Guidelines On How to Avoid Getting Ignored On WatsApp

22 Feb

1. The first thing to do when you chatting to someone who does not have your number is to make sure you have a name set up on your Watsapp that they can actually recognize.

2. In the absence of such a name, you may opt to have your actual picture loaded onto Watsapp

3. You may even have on your Bio a little quote or bible verse that they might recognize and relate back to you (assuming they know you very well)

4. In the absence of all the mentioned above.. you may not just pop up and say hello and hope they will recognize your handwriting and jump into buddy buddy mode.

5. You may not Watsapp someone for a casual chat if their bio specifically states business only (Unless its an emergency or you sending a message to inform them that Zuma is no longer president or a piano has fallen from the sky and its headed their direction)

6. If the person you Watsappin’ does not know you, you will have to type in a greetings message, place a coma right after the ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’, or ‘Yo Fam’ (if they are your family that is), and after the coma begin to state the reason of you getting into contact with them.

7. Exceptions to the rule… You may skip guideline 6 for reasons covered in guideline 5 or if you sending nudes and have no doubt to believe that the recipient will find them to be in good taste, this also assumes that you know what they like.

8. You may not send items listed in guideline 7 if the person they are intended for is taken!! or if the person is an idiot and you know for sure they will share the nudes with their friends or worse, upload them on social media.

9. Should you opt to not obey guideline 9… I don’t know really, that is just very wrong!! And you really shouldn’t be sending nudes as you creating unnecessary thirst.

10. If for any reason you do follow the given steps and your message isn’t responded to, do not panic, the person can either really be ignoring you, or they currently busy (in the gym or work or driving) and they will respond when they find the time (also note that a Watsapp message does not indicate an emergency, if you really need to get hold of the person please give them a call.)

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