Black Gatekeepers Of Oppression & White Monopoly Capital… By Mzomuhle Msomi

18 Feb

I told a friend and colleague of mine about the problem with blacks stuck in the racist oppressive systems the following…

When a black person is stuck in a oppressive racist structure he becomes unhappy but due to the fact that fear and advocacy has chained him to this system he ends up seeking hope and reason in order to restore hope and purpose to this commitment( be it a job or party) by finding reasonable justification for your oppression. You see the system suffocates you so much that by you struggling to breathe in this system you feel that it’s your fault that you can’t breathe whereas the system has been designed in such a way to oppress, punish and exclude you. But because of advocacy and commitment to this racist structure you find a reason and justification for your oppression, you suddenly uphold that it’s YOU who is inferior and that it is you that needs to change to accommodate this oppressive system.In your eyes working harder and finding reason ( even when it’s blatant oppression ) becomes a way of protecting yourself from the reality of this system and a way of finding acceptance in this system (which will never happen). You slowly become an apartheid apologist, you justify structured racism….slowly you become the gatekeeper of white monopoly capital. You change yourself to accommodate a system that oppresses you and like a proud slave you justify your oppression, you find every possible reason to uphold an oppressive system as superior and you as being inferior…..
These are my reflections as I read these apologist statements from these black DA supporters who, like Mmusi, are custodians and gatekeepers of oppression and are using their flesh tone to dupe the public into delivering the country to the likes of Diane Kohler Barnard.

Article by Mzomuhle Msomi

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