My open letter to world leaders Dimo Wa Moraswi sekele

11 Feb

My open letter to world leaders

First let me congratulate you for doing a great job, no matter how small it is I believe in between lying to your people, killing your people and stealing from them you do little good maybe to quench your own guilty conscious. It doesn’t really matter why you send medical teams to the disaster stricken West Africa, all what matters is lives are saved.

Now let me start with you America, am tired of your bullying tactics. Ever since you started invading people’s countries in the name of peace can you kindly point out one country that has finally achieved peace. Do you even know any different method to create peace without invading the skies, waters and grounds of other nations with your blood hungry troops. For years I have believed the blue color lie that America is the most generous country, that is why it invest billions in military grade ammunition and technology, too generous that is why it is always ready for war not only on their soil but anywhere in the world is their battle field. Coming from a peace maker this is shocking what kind of peace involve more bombings, more attacks and more billion dollar bloodshed from the billion dollar bullets that not only take lives but take opportunities from American kids.

The next  bully is you Russia, even though I don’t buy into the Americanized version of Russia that America has made popular via TV, my judgment about you don’t fall far away from being ruthless an greedy. Common sense tell me business is about demand and supply and if there were to be peace then they won’t be demand for weapons, and that means they won’t be profit for you. What trouble me is the abundance of weapons that terrorist poses, interestingly other states can’t afford such quantity and grade of weapons. As to who purchase this weapons, when, where and why? Remain a mystery, the one that our useless UN has so far managed to ignore. Well I suppose US find no interest in this mystery hence the ignorance from UN, but someone make this purchase for this terrorist and the supplier should come clean.

The new kid on the block doesn’t give the human nation any hope; the willingness to go to war displayed by china leave a sour taste in my mouth. We all know money come with its own perks, and looks like China opted for aggressiveness as number one on the list, and like the old saying says “when the elephants fight it is the grass that suffer” if this power houses could go to war then sadly the third world countries will be the first to be wiped out by the devastating poverty that will come as a result.

As if our leaders are not doing enough damage already, we also have to struggles with individuals who cannot accept, tolerate or least respect the diverse religious spectra this universe offer. What scares me about these individuals, who mobilize to form even more dangerous extremist movements, is their willingness to kill others for simply not buying into their religion. This extremist movements have zero respect for other groups, irrespective of whether you violent or not if you get caught thinking the country or world should be ran in accordance to your religion, you are an extremist only shot of guns bombs and a death wish. Wish all religious leaders can meet discus this and go back to explain to their people no religion is superior to the other.

When one is still worried about the rate of bomb killings in the world, thief’s find a chance to pocket government funds, create get rich quick scams and give them fancy names that appeal to majority but work for minority. Bribe become the order of the day and corruption consume all the possibilities, third world countries produce the highest paid presidents, third world countries spend money they don’t have spoiling ministers who spend half the time in office clueless what they have to do. Executives appointed on the basis of political affiliation, family member or loyalty to individuals rather than course. Africa producing a string of longest serving presidents and lowest progress in the process, free and fair elections threatened by guns and outcomes that are met by revolts, specializing in genocide, xenophobia and leaders who offer nothing, can Africans protect their Africa from anyone who tries to steal it or steal from it.

We have kept quit for way too long, if there is a perfect time to solve all this issues is now.

Before we call any leader to ICC let us call Bush and Obama for the killings in the middle east, and just a random thought do you all believe the 911 was orchestrated from a cave in the middle of nowhere, with camels and sheep’s? I really don’t want us to go deeper into technical details because it is a lost cause. Accidentally every country with oil reservoirs happens to have terrorist and peace makers have been there since they were 19 years old an soon they will be retiring.

By Dimo Wa Moraswi sekele

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