No Valentine? Yeh So What? By Pamela Kunene

10 Feb

I went for supper a few weeks ago with one of my girls, at one of those quiet restaurant where they play slow jam music. She excused herself for a couple of minutes to go to the rest rooms. You know how girls always want to look pretty throughout the night. While she was gone I ear wigged a conversation between 2 young women sitting very close to our table. One of them was frustrated that waiting for “The One” is taking forever. She is on her 20s, got a car, an apartment, a good paying job, the only thing missing is “Mr Right”. Before I could hear how her friend would respond my girl came back, and I am thinking are you jesting me (I was about to hear the best part of the conversation).  But anyways, clearly this young successful woman is halfway to being the perfect wife for the so called “The One” she is longing for.

After that night I began to wonder if that is all we as young folks think about? Finish our studies, acquire all that we can, and find “the one” and apparently all this should happen in our 20s? I recently realize how much we are setting limits for ourselves, these are the years we should use to create a fulfilled life by making conscious choices about what’s meaningful. We should be embracing our young-adult years and connecting to something bigger than ourselves. There is so much more, like personality, it is shaped more during our 20s than any time before or after. We should keep in mind that we will only be in our 20s for 10 years.

I read something about Kim Kardashian wanting to study further, I must say I have so much respect or her for that. Had she taken nudes, the story would’ve been on every news feed, but because it’s this story not so many people know about it. For the past decade and a half she’s been on this life or death mission to get famous, that’s been her whole focus, versus broadening her horizons intellectually.

I am not disputing the fact that you could and would have “the one” and start a family in your 20s, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. But to those on a roller-coaster ride, I mean those that are waiting and panicking and stressing about getting old. Make sure that you have embraced this time as a single somebody. There are things to appreciate about being single. Like Fun, Freedom, Adventure the list goes on and on….

By Pamela Kunene

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