No More Parties In Rosebank… #liquidchefs

22 Jan

I’m a dead beat academic I hate library sessions
Cut my food budget in half to fund the blissful morning after stories

Never mind the hangover as I narrate to the wolf-pack how I jumped into my
Jordans went dunking into the bright lights and woke up with a Cinderella
that slept with both heels on

The night lights are enticing
The attires fall far above the knee even on a cold winter day

Pledges to turn up become a weekly ritual as we drink and dance the night away
The dance floor is where the shy self always finds numbness
Where faults and flaws bear no meaning

A night out with the gents becomes more than just an outing
Memories made, new friends made as it’s a place where like-minded beings connect
Carefree living and you begin to realize that in-depth conversations about nothing are everything

Here’s to the old memories made and to the one we will hold dear forever
Here’s to the silly times we laughed out loud foreal
And here’s to pursuing happiness right up until the lights come down..



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Posted by on January 22, 2016 in Art, Music


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