Harry Potter Theories: Proof That Hufflepuff Is The Stoner House (Huffle *Puff*)

21 Jan

Of the four houses at Hogwarts, Hufflepuff has always been the odd one out. Gryffindor is for heroes, Slytherin is for villains and Ravenclaw is for cool people who smell good —  but Hufflepuff is just kind of lame. Deep down, it’s no one’s first choice. Other than being humdrum, Hufflepuff doesn’t really have a fixed identity. Unless you count the part where the entire house is full of potheads.

I mean,

  • Hufflepuff. HUFF le PUFF.
  • They’re mostly considered nice and peaceful.
  • They live right by the kitchen.
  • Their head of house teaches herbology.
  • “Badger” is exactly the kind of animal a stoner would come up with.
  • Slytherins obviously do cocaine (Professor Snipe the house master is a Portions teacher that looks like he’s on crack)

Man, how did we not see this before? This is the house that’s known for being the most good-natured and friendly, and it’s because everyone is high all the time. The reason Edward Diggory looks dopey every minute of his life is because he’s always megabaked.  Hell, Hufflepuff is located right next to the kitchen, so they’re munchie-adjacent. Plus, the head of their house teaches Herbology (refer to above picture). And come on, it’s right in the name:  HUFFlePUFF. Something tells me they’re not named after a magic dragon.

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