Desmond Dube: From Comedian To Being The Face Of A Dignified Funeral.. LMFAO…By Flabbo The Unorthodox

04 Jan

From comedian to being the face of a dignified funeral cover, quite the transition if you ask me. Why are my people being led astray? What good does a glamorous funeral do for a family? besides leaving behind more debt and loss? I have always questioned the compulsion of fellow blacks to cave into the white man’s greed and betray his fellow brothers. Desmond is to Clientele what Jordan is to Nike.
One surely cant logically justify such heavy monthly premiums that aim to service a once off event? Why not rather place your money into a savings or investment account that will yield better returns and will guarantee that your kids will be alright and well taken care of when your time does finally come? When you look deeply into it, we darkies like flossing with resources that aren’t there. From balling on credit, to expensive weddings that entrap a couple for years to come making their life after marriage a literal nightmare packed with asset repossessions and debt-collectors.
It’s danm well about time my people become woke and start building for the future, we try so much to impress the community and show off that we have more money than we actually do with all the events we host; from weddings to graduation ceremonies to funerals with stand out golden coffins that get dropped back into the earth… Tell me is it worth it? No-wonder they got a comedian to be the face of all of this, its really just a joke. Be woke my fellow sisters and brothers.

Article By Flabbo The Unorthordox

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