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How My Morning Alarm Took Away My Simonique… Flabo The unAuthordox

You see I had to put her name in the poem coz I know it would
catch your attention…

Name so unique it just rolls off the tongue…. Like ‘hey Simonique’

Okay maybe she a made up fugure in my mind
But bear with me as I narrate her beauty so vividly into a human form

Catch me telling stories about her they all say I’m dreaming

Well at least when I go to sleep she keep me company…

My friends tell stories of heart-breaks, gold diggers, semi-side-chicks
and girlfriends that can’t cook

Well I tell stories of fairy tales, blissful dreams , midnight 7 colour meals
guaranteed to have me wake up full…
They wake up to live while I go to bed to be woken up by her

A loud ring in my ear that almost had my eardrum explode….
Gawd dammit there goes my morning alarm…
So it’s goodbye today Simonique
I’ll see you in my dreams someday…

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I Have One Dream & One Dream Only Inspired By My Love For Food … By Cathrine Moekadi Pitsi

My dream is to wake up one day, submit my resignation letter and serve my notice. To have no fear of how I am going to pay my bills because of the job I am leaving to fulfil my dream of being a Cook. Cooking for me does more than just filling up the stomach. I cook when I am sad, I cook when I am happy, I cook when I don’t even feel like cooking but I still do it any way because to me its not just a thing, it is something I am very passionate about and that brings pure joy into my life time and time again.

This is my Dream…

A dream of dropping it all and taking that leap of faith. Believing that one way or the other I will own that restaurant and cook good food that will fill up the stomach and soothe the soul. A dream that will bring smiles to people after they have eaten the food I cooked with my all.

This is my Dream…

To go grocery shopping one afternoon, and pass by the book shelf and spot a Cook Book in my name;-) . Yes, my dream is that big and hence it scares me but I will meet this Dream face to face one day in the near future because if God is with me, what else can be against me?

One day…this dream will be met and I shall rejoice on that day…

Article by Cathrine Moekadi Pitsi

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No More Parties In Rosebank… #liquidchefs

I’m a dead beat academic I hate library sessions
Cut my food budget in half to fund the blissful morning after stories

Never mind the hangover as I narrate to the wolf-pack how I jumped into my
Jordans went dunking into the bright lights and woke up with a Cinderella
that slept with both heels on

The night lights are enticing
The attires fall far above the knee even on a cold winter day

Pledges to turn up become a weekly ritual as we drink and dance the night away
The dance floor is where the shy self always finds numbness
Where faults and flaws bear no meaning

A night out with the gents becomes more than just an outing
Memories made, new friends made as it’s a place where like-minded beings connect
Carefree living and you begin to realize that in-depth conversations about nothing are everything

Here’s to the old memories made and to the one we will hold dear forever
Here’s to the silly times we laughed out loud foreal
And here’s to pursuing happiness right up until the lights come down..



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Harry Potter Theories: Proof That Hufflepuff Is The Stoner House (Huffle *Puff*)

Of the four houses at Hogwarts, Hufflepuff has always been the odd one out. Gryffindor is for heroes, Slytherin is for villains and Ravenclaw is for cool people who smell good —  but Hufflepuff is just kind of lame. Deep down, it’s no one’s first choice. Other than being humdrum, Hufflepuff doesn’t really have a fixed identity. Unless you count the part where the entire house is full of potheads.

I mean,

  • Hufflepuff. HUFF le PUFF.
  • They’re mostly considered nice and peaceful.
  • They live right by the kitchen.
  • Their head of house teaches herbology.
  • “Badger” is exactly the kind of animal a stoner would come up with.
  • Slytherins obviously do cocaine (Professor Snipe the house master is a Portions teacher that looks like he’s on crack)

Man, how did we not see this before? This is the house that’s known for being the most good-natured and friendly, and it’s because everyone is high all the time. The reason Edward Diggory looks dopey every minute of his life is because he’s always megabaked.  Hell, Hufflepuff is located right next to the kitchen, so they’re munchie-adjacent. Plus, the head of their house teaches Herbology (refer to above picture). And come on, it’s right in the name:  HUFFlePUFF. Something tells me they’re not named after a magic dragon.

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The 60 Second Financial Advice That Will Keep You From Being Broke… By Kagiso Maloma

I hear and get all sorts of business, relationship and career advice on a daily. This are people who would tap into your life acting in your situation presumably for your best interest and give advice of what to do and all. most of it is usually advice that one never asked for, but I guess it makes for good small talk right?

So I drive a 2008 black hatchback Toyota Yaris that I bought second hand 6 months into getting into the working world. By far the best purchase I’ve ever made, being frugal about my money it took me 3 months to shop for a car, now like most people I wanted a nice good looking car, but not only that, i was also looking for durability, quality, comfort and longevity. Which I found in my ever so gorgeous Jinx (which i termed the ‘she’ opposite of my Res nickname Zinx).

Been with this little beauty (no pedophile vibes), so I’ve been with this beauty for almost 4 years now and I’m just about done paying the debt up. looking at this Bae now I don’t really see why i should let her go, i mean I work an 8 to 5 all week, work is 5 minutes away in this gorgeous windy city of port Elizabeth. She’s still in great shape, has never let me down never. Insurance payments on her are minimal and really looking forward to not having to pay for a car! There’s enough expenses for a black brother like myself in this day and age. we should be saving money up for Lobola or better yet a house.

The crazy thing is most people who know me and what I do and people who assume my financial position always ask why am I driving a Yaris?? You see as a society, especially around my black beloved society we draw certain standards for working people and pile on pressure for them to acquire cars and other assets regardless of their monthly Salary; so trust that when a brother finally gets that employment contract they turning up with a Beast of A German machine… (Please check an article we published last year about your first car determining your retirement).

Vusi Thembekwayo once said “We black people are the only race that measure our success by how many failures we see around us, our normative measure is how ahead am I from the people who are not doing so well!!” So immediately as one steps into the employment scene they immediately enter the competing game regardless of how much they earning, how much of debt they getting into just so they can match up with society’s silly standards. Most of it is made believe, I mean yeah its all good when people think you have money but when you get home and those bills and debt collectors start ringing up your phone, reality steps in.

As a race we aught to really address the things that steal away wealth from us, we need to address how looking good surpasses feeling good, we need to address that we do not need to seek acceptance by balling and living a certain life. The danger with this is you end up with friends that encourage such habits and then its hell from there, you locked in… the beauty of being honest with yourself and situation and staying in your financial lane is that you get to meet other sober minded geniuses that believe in what you believe, and yes that includes your own miss independent lady that understands hard-work and understands where money comes from so she wont feel the need for you to go out on a weekly or spoil her on credit. Wouldn’t you just love such a life? where your happiness is the highest priority, where a night out with friends is all about having fun and not flashing your wealth to people who shouldn’t really be seeing it?

One thing I always say to myself and friends with regard to car is that I really love LOVE cars, but I will not move from one bicycle to another… meaning I will not move from a small car to another small give or take fancier car as i know that after 2 or 3 years I will definitely want to change it. rather save up for a bigger car give or take a Benz, something you know will outlive you, something that you wont want to change after 2 years, and also something that retains its value.

“A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else…..” GL



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25 Thousand Rands A Slave: “5 Genius Tips On How To Whip Your Way Out Of Bad Credit”


How To Whip Your Way Out Of Credit Slavery…

No Lupita Nyong’o to act you out of your bad credit? Or to keep you away from signing off your life to debt? No stress, Genius Level always got your back, No Casper the friendly ghost, rather think of me as Kagiso the friendly financier. Well not at all mythical, our methods have been tried and tested and they will definitely work for you. I’m going to cut much of the foreplay on this one and get it started. Read the rest of this entry »


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New Republic of South Africa… (Marikana Massacre) By Ramoloti Kganakga

geniuslevels (4)

A letter of distress to the movement,

I write to you because of the last weeks in NZAR

Showing how we are still in the middle of a revolution,

To be constitutionally viable to life, shelter, sanitation, good health and protection by the police’

I remember how the country was rejoicing to the snow a couple of years ago and the headlines reading “South Africa hasn’t experienced snow since 1987, bringing its people together in rejoice over the weather…” had, me skeptical about what it is we were happy for, because of the homeless people that had to adapt and a week later this very same country was divided between its Citizens and the South African Police Services in Marikana. Read the rest of this entry »

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