Research Shows That People Who Go To Gym & Exercise Frequently Are Less Likely To Cheat On Their Partners… By Flabbo

30 Dec


Research Shows that people who go to gym are less likely to cheat. Why is this you ask? well working out, taking jogs and lifting weights take up some significant time one’s life meaning you have less time to spend on other things, like meeting new people or going on a macking spree with the boys during the night.

People who workout have certain fitness goals to attain like cutting body fat and getting that six pack; this means that their calorie intake is minimal, so less drinking. Studies have shown that people are more prone to cheat while under the influence of alcohol, which further indicates that less alcohol intake results in lessor temptation to hit on random girls/boys due the sober and more logical nature of that person.

Also individuals who exercise are more likely to date someone who cares about fitness, so that would be someone who also works out and goes to gym and is fit. This then becomes a standard for most gym bunnies, they only fall into like with people of a physical make that suggests they go to gym and take care of their physique. Result? they do not go out hitting on anyone they see, they are quite picky and selective of the people they interact with as opposed to a person with no fitness standards who is more likely to hit on anyone.
To some extent exercising forms a huge part of one’s discipline, did you know of the available professions in South Africa, CA’s are counted as one of the highest participants in the Comrades Marathon? Disciplined people workout and thus disciplined people have lessor vacant time available to have multiple partners as they cannot afford to give nor waste all of them their precious time on non value add activities; so they are very strict on who and what they spend their time doing.

So get that nigga to join a gym and get his life in order….

Flabbo said it!! Signing out!!

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