23 Dec

There is something non organic about having long, face to face conversations now, if we do wind up conversing on a physical basis, then we make it as short and as ‘to the point’, as we can. Bearing the statement above in mind, many people have concluded that the art and pleasure of true conversation is dead, that we are all hiding behind our electronic devices, hoping to stay in touch. Although this, not all though, just portions of it, may be true, the real truth is that the world is advancing, and a change in times calls for a change in conduct. Although certain traditional mannerisms that have molded our moral fabric as society, like how one addresses an elder, how you share bad or good news with family and courtship, are encouraged to stay the same, all the other things won’t.

Here’s a scenario: you’re standing in a long line at the bank, it’s a hot, clear sky summer’s day, and the air conditioner isn’t turned on. There’s a mother carrying her child on her back behind you, and a man reeking of alcohol in front of you. The child on the mother’s back behind you is getting restless and stars crying, the man in front of you begins to engage the mother, asking her what has the child upset You are in between all this back and forth, and contemplate leaving, but you really need to get to the front of the line. You have three choices, (a) join the conversation, it will help you pass the time, (b) ignore both of them and secretly wish they end the conversation or (c) find a suitable Rihanna bitch better have my money meme and a “when the lines at the bank tryna keep me away *inserts money emoji *inserts frustrated emoji *inserts running man emoji” status. What would you do? I don’t know about you, but I’m all over (c), not only would I do all that, but I’d also go through my contacts, bother anyone who wishes to be bothered by me about it.
I’ll give them a detailed description of everything, they’d swear they were in the bank with me. Social media has opened a world of possibilities, we no longer have to endure those painful weather related conversations, or listen to someone complaining endlessly about things that don’t even matter to us, or, you know those times when you want to explain how you’re feeling but just don’t have the words to say without sounding whiny? Now you can, emojis baby! TGFE! Then, when I don’t feel like talking, I can just browse through without responding to any messages, keep that unbearable conversationalist at bay by blocking them, and staying in touch with the people that matter to you, staying in touch has never been easier! The art of conversation has morphed, into quirky memes, bold statuses and frequently shared pictures, ‘keeping up’ isn’t just reserved for the Kardashians anymore, we are keeping up with each other too, by sending a little “hey you”, every now and again, just to say I’m thinking about you.

Article By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

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