Adventures Of The Taxi Lord “A Photographic Dissertation” … By Kgomotso Neto Tleane

04 Dec

DSC_0991A Photographic Dissertation

We’ve all heard the stereotypes that surround taxi drivers, taxi ranks and Joburg town. having lived in Joburg town for a year myself I got to see the best of both worlds. With that being said, if you have ever been in my situation you are well qualified to form a conclusion on your views of the city. Would love to share my ones and twos on the city  but I feel words alone are not sufficient enough to document the other side of Joburg town that only the privileged get to see. When words are no enough we needed pictures to describe in detail via unseen snap shots that detail everyday life in Jozi. Telling a million stories that are guaranteed to change your views on the city.


At the front-page of a newspaper the above is what you’d normally see when Joburg is being mentioned in a good light

213988836 (1)

Then there’s those tabloid news papers that are constantly needing to ruin your day, the above is normally what you see when they cover the ills of Joburg town.


When Gotham City needed a superhero Batman answered. The is no guessing as to who answered when Joburg town needed a savior, someone with the skills to turn a congested dirty looking taxi rank into a million colours of perfection. Vision so articulate it refines crude moments turning them into priceless heart warming frozen memories.


Every week as part of our Weekly Theme #TaxiLord we will be bringing you a different view of Joburg in attempts to ridicule all the stereotypes that surround Joburg town via Kgomotso Neto Tleane of 3rd Eye View Photography.


To see all of this and many more pictures detailing the beauty of Jozi visit Neto’s facebook page and like his 3rd Eye View Facebook page.


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