I dont want to take sides cause Proverb is my brother but I do think that Cassper Nyovest deserved the Hustler Of The Year Award. Denying him that is literally looking down on the independent hustle and forgetting Cassper Nyovest is probably the most successful independent artists in the history of our music culture. Proverb works hard and is on a platform thats already established(DSTV) where white companies are lining up to sign cheques to the channel. The fact that Proverb as a rapper has positioned himself to be one of the MNEt personalities that stands out to get those cheques is applaudable, especially considering the stigma hip hop has. Therefore I think Proverb should have his own award for most evolved by redefining himself in the market. Cassper on the other hand had to build a market before fill up the dome they were hardly any white companies or brands trying to give him any cheques versus a powerhouse like DSTV.The fact that he made it this far through his fans,digital and with minimal mainstream support symbolises the power of independence but most importantly teaches every artist to invest in themselves and not only stunt. If we dont think thats a valuable lesson to learn than we sending out the wrong message of what a hustle specific to music is. I know Cassper Nyovest has been talking about how he gets minimal play on radio but this will always be the story if you made yourself. They cant support him cause they cant claim his story and thats part of the independent hustle. Even in America artist like Tech-9 who are in the Forbes every year fill up stadiums but are never played on commercial radio, while those that are played aren’t even on the list. In my opinion in order for Cassper to keep growing he needs to focus on what made him great which is digital. The success he has received by taking care of his audience online is incomparable to any other artist thats dependent on radio and tv only. How he converted this support to millions makes him the hustler of the year,not how many times radio played him. What are your thoughts?