Why Women Are Game Changers… By Mzomuhle Msomi

04 Nov


Missandei: “Valar morghulis.”
Khaleesi: “Yes. All men must die, but we are not men.”

Ever considered that women could change the game. Back in varsity there was a period at res where men went through an intense bodybuilding phase . It was simple “If you wanna get laid get sexy”. The pressure was on! This thing of conjuring females with ‘movies and wine’ in your cosy room was kaput. That movie and wine had to come with a 6 pack and biceps, if not it was tissue and vaseline for you.

It was hectic. A revolution had begun, all sparked by women and the desire to get laid by men. I am certain fast food shops were experiencing a dip in sales. USN product sales were booming. Protein shakes were a staple diet. Corridors around res smelled like rotten eggs and potatoes(farts) and toilets were getting clogged. Men were at Mr Price buying the smallest of tees, it was a strictly v-necks only period. Men were wearing tank tops in winter, when spring came the only upper-body wear was vests or nothing….literally. It was real.

Naturally the amount of money a student can spend is limited, so financial sacrifices had to be made. Less drinking, photocopying textbooks instead of buying them or don’t buy them all together, buy more pap, oats and chicken breasts and no unnecessary grocery items. It even went as far as people studying less because more time was spent at gym(morning and afternoon session) and for ample muscle recovery one needs to sleep more, so sleeping hours were extended from 8 hours to 10 or even more sleep if possible, spending more time in kitchens making ‘high protein meals, less carbs and no fat’.

Men knew everything about getting big and sexy but knew fokol about the modules they were studying. All this being done by people who were suppose to be future asset managers, accountants, economists and lawyers. These dudes were set to spend most of there lives seated behind a desk crunching numbers yet they were spending a substantial part of their varsity lives trying to look like Ronnie Coleman and Kai Greene instead of investing in their future. Pussy had just subverted the aspirations of men. So naturally less men got their degrees and less passed their models. It was an academic blow-out, more money spent the following year, more modules, academic exclusion looming and deferred dreams(some indefinite)….but ey We got laid, right?


So I started to wonder what if the Pussy Revolution had been driven by other elements? More important things. What if women felt that being academically intelligent was the basis of getting laid. More dudes would be in the library that’s for sure, more degrees obtained, better leaders to choose from in the future. Women would drive success in this country. I can already picture the nerd conversations “Dude I just cum lauded my degree, I’m definitely getting laid tonight” or “Dude she is out of my league she only fucks with A students”. Only once in varsity did i know of a dude who got dumped for failing tests. Her girlfriends argument was “Chommie, this dude is failing and he is not serious about where he is going in life and he is NOT taking me with him”.

All I’m saying is that women have the ability to drive a man. Instead of driving him into senseless things why not drive and steer him spear-headed into his ambitions. Create a revolution that requires only greatness from men. A revolution conducive to him, yourself and future generations. If women can inspire a future accountant to go to gym and bench 100kg surely they can inspire him to do other more sensible things. Women, spark pressure to create more Mandelas, Bill Gates and Warren Buffets cause we have enough underwear models. I am not discouraging the idea of going to gym. Fitness is important and we should all exercise. All I’m saying is that the basis of selection used by women influences men heavily and that influence could be channelled into more important things.


Article by Mzomuhle Msomi


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