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“A Tale of 2 Geniuses” Kendrick & J Cole Might Just Be Dropping A Project Real Soon!!

they can’t handle two Black niggas this clever” Cole

Kendrick Lamar and J Cole together dropped freestyles on black Friday as a discount to music and hip-hop fans.

Quick Side Note:
{But before I start, its #MONEYMONDAY so it’s only right I throw in some relevance…As far as the stats go, Kendrick Lamar net worth is $18 million, while J. Cole net worth is $15 million… }

The freestyles feature Kendrick rapping over J Cole’s “A Tale Of 2 Cities” beat and in-return J Cole raps over “Alright”. I listened to the two joints early this morning as a friend tossed me a link to the page and i must say ever since I’ve been hyped up. Really looking forward to the final project, cant wait!

As my top 2 stands, Kendrick Lamar comes first no doubt with J Cole coming in second. Both versions are stratospheric with some prretty dope lines and flow to go with. below is some of the lyrics that stood out for me. A lot of people suggest Kendrick renegated Cole on his own beat, you be the judge pf that.

I’m yelling Mr. Kanye West for president
He probably let me get some head inside the residence
I’m in the White House going all out
Bumping College Dropout, God-bless Americans

Nothing more influential than rap music
I merge jazz fusion with the trap music
I mix black soul with some rock and roll
They never box me in, I’m David Blaine-ing all you hoes
 Kendrick Lamar

MP3 J Cole Black Friday ‘Alright’

MP3 Kendrick Lamar Black Friday ‘A tale of 2 cities’

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This Is For My Sisters… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


I grew up in a very tight knit family, we had each others backs, and because of that, the very first principle of conduct I was taught was loyalty. My bodys’ posture has always been in such a way that I’d always look like I was protecting my younger sisters, as the first born child. I didn’t mind, after all I  knew nothing outside of being loyal to those I was taught to protect. My hands would be out, so that I can feel them near me, and my neck and head up, so that I can see what they can’t and speak up for them when they can’t, it was my job.

In growing up, we literally did everything together, from schools, to songs, and finding the things we dislike, we’ve always been three peas in one pod. But the dynamics of our relationship morphed with growth, and the sibling rivalry sometimes gets extremely volatile,were I know for sure that we find ourselves looking at each other and think “who are you”. It is because of this reason that I’m dedicating this piece to my sisters, Dimpho and Mathabo Madia, from my heart. Heads up, it’s about to get sappy.

I have known no appreciation in my life, more than that I have for both of you. I remember a conversation I had, and the man said that a bond shared by siblings is one that is formed in the stars, and solidified then siblings finally meet. He said that the bond is as delicate as it is strong, and that only all siblings, when finally opening themselves up to loving each other, that the bond can come to a full bloom. When he told me all these things I thought we was telling stories about the stars and chemical bonds, but after pondering on his words, I realized that he was talking about the power of love,love in its purest form. I remember growing up, how our mother would scold us for fighting and say that at the end of the day, our sisterhood is all we have, no matter what, we have each others backs

I have met many different people, and some put me in a daze, a trance, so strong that I began to believe that they were to me what you were failing to be, but nature has remained resilient in reminding me the greatest lesson it instilled in me from birth, that loyalty by blood has bound us forever, and because of that, your love will always be true, your kindness sincere and your ability to have my back bulletproof. Life has taught me to appreciate you. The truth of the matter is,now my protector role is moving away from me,  and at first, I had no idea how to deal with it, I mean, the thing I’d known all my life, was no longer necessary, and I found it difficult to define myself in our dynamic,until I realized that I had done all protecting I could for one lifetime, in the way you now protect me, and I understand now that we are flowing solely on the wave of sisterhood, and I love it.

So I want to write in electronic ink on the pages of the all engulfing and infinitely showcasing internet, that years later, when words fail me or  you just get tired of my lip, and its forever yapping nature, know that I appreciate you my dearest, I thank God for allowing you two to be my bestest friends, my confidence, my spy buddies, my couch potato mates,my odd midnight conversation enthusiasts, my dream catchers, my realest cheerleaders, my truest love, my sisters.

Article By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

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Wearing The Same Clothes Everyday Can Make You A Genius (Kanye West Being an exception)

I know I know! Kanye would have a heart attack if he saw me promoting such. In the true spirit of the message that this article aims to reveal, i will make it a quick and short one as I know you have far more important things to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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Remember Job Masego… #BlackButterflyThursday

This is a portrait of a South African WW2 soldier, his name was Job Masego and like millions of other Commonwealth soldiers he volunteered to defend the British Empire. He was captured during the fall of Tobruk. As a POW he was put to work offloading German supply ships. One day he complained to some guards that he didn’t get enough water for bathing himself, the guards mocked him by saying that he was already too black and that bathing would be a waste of water for him. Being a proud man Job decided to get his own back, over the next few weeks he collected cordite from unused rifle rounds that was still littering the battle field. With the cordite, some pieces of fuse wire and a milk tin he made a bomb which he kept on him until he could stash it on a German ship. When the moment was right he hid his bomb between some petrol cans next to large stack of ammunition and lit the fuse. By the time he got back to the prison barracks a huge plume of black smoke was rising from the docks. His honour was restored, he had sunk a supply ship and struck a mighty blow for the Empire. A few weeks later he escaped from the camp and walked for 23 days across the desert until he met up with the South African army advancing towards Al Alamein. Job was recommended for the Victoria Cross but according to the artist who painted his portrait the authorities said he “was only an African”…Remember Job Masego…

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History Of The Black Hairlines…. By Dormtainment

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I Have Decided To Not Wait For Any Man To Inject Worth In My Life… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia (LEAKED)


I’m a hardcore romance enthusiast, from the cheesy, to the old school all the way to the new school, I’m infatuated by the theory of sparks flying and love the concept behind chemistry. Thing about being like me is that, the quest for that gag inducing romance is that, people watch movies, then use the cheesy one liners on oblivious people like me, then shit hits the fan pretty soon. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why are blacks so behind Economically?

JEWISH LEADER: The only aspect blacks understand is Consumption. Blacks don’t understand the importance of building wealth.

The fundamental rule is to keep your money within your racial group. We build Jewish business, hire Jewish, buy Jewish and spend Jewish.

There is nothing wrong with that but it is a basic rule blacks cannot comprehend and follow;

“He kills his fellow blacks daily instead of wanting to see his fellow black do well” 93% of blacks killed in America are by other blacks.

Their leaders steal from their people and send the money back to their colonial master from whom they borrow the same money from.

Every successful black want to spend his money in the country of his colonial masters.

They go on holiday abroad, buy houses abroad, school abroad etc instead of spending this money in their own country to benefit their people.

Statistics show that the Jew’s money exchanges hands 18 times before leaving his community while for blacks it is probably a maximum of once or even zero.

Only 6% of black money goes back into their community. This is why Jews are at the top and blacks are at the bottom of every ladder of society.

Instead of buying Louis Vuitton, Hermes, expensive cars, shoes, houses, dresses etc, blacks could industralize Africa, build banks and get rid of colonial institutions by putting them out of business.

INTERVIEWER: Your thoughts on failure of blacks after 150yrs?

JEWISH LEADER: Well, nothing is ever the blackmans fault. His compulsive habit of killing his own, compulsive material consumption.

His inability to build businesses or preserve wealth are usually somebody else’s fault.

INTERVIEWER: So what can blacks do to liberate themselves

JEWISH LEADER: Blacks must take responsibility. Blacks must unite.

And vehemently fight corrupt leaders who run down their country and run to IMF as though IMF is father Christmas


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