Don’t Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved…

07 Oct


Most of our favourite movies and TV games were influenced by a dude always trying to save a girl who always ends up getting herself in the same trouble she was before, and on and on it goes on with the ‘super’ dude always trying to save this girl from the same trouble she always is in. Think of Taken, do you really think there was a need for a  trilogy???? (Taken 1, 2 and 3) I mean, had Liam Neeson’ daughter just stayed at home for a change, there would be no need for the dad to save her all the damn time.

Think of Super Mario, the game has a simple plot, typically with Mario rescuing the kidnapped Princess Peach from the primary antagonist, Bowser. I mean really? think of Mario’s 9 to 5 being that of him constantly saving Princess Peach for a living, and even after saving her repeatedly from the same damn dude, she still goes back and Super Mario out of ignorance or maybe being blinded by ‘love’ always goes on to try save her.

In the Song No Role Models Cole aligns an aloof woman with hip-hop, both have lost their way. Cole suggests that though this girl appears to be wandering, lost, and unable to help herself, she’s actually right where she wants to be. She’s not worth the long-term commitment and effort it would take to help her because she doesn’t want to change. Although for most, be it a dude or a girl, when they are obsessed with someone, logic never really kicks in. Listen to Cole, Cole is trying to save you the heartbreak of finding out that the person who left you does not really care about you hence they left. “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved”

Reality checks are pivotal in avoiding any unnecessary heartbreaks before going ahead and wasting your time, energy and money on someone who does not deserve it. The ones who care about you will always present themselves, don’t go out looking for them.

Genius Level

By Kagiso Maloma

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