What Is Balleritis? (Appendix A)

05 Oct


Ever since I posted the article “Banks & Money Never Loved Us” I have been getting questions regarding a chronic condition I termed BALLERITIS. What exactly is Balleritis?


/ ‘Balla-ry-tis/ The compulsion to live beyond your means. This may include unplanned purchases that exceed R250, feeling the need to impress others by making them believe you have lots of money, buying stuff that you do not really need. A compulsion to work hard all month long, get your salary and spend over 50% of it all in one night.

Lets take a look at Sipho’s Income Statement to help us understand Balleritis further.

Microsoft Excel - Book1

All these overspending arises from childhood conditioning, the first thing you did as a kid when you got money is to run to the store to buy sweets and snacks. This type of behaviour in most cases stays with us and if you are unfortunate enough to not have a “Rich Dad” you most probaby will continue running to buy candy whenever you get some money. With all the marketing around us, its very hard to break away from this Matrix. That Coke Board that bears the name of your school, all the ads that come on during the Generations ad break. We are facing an enemy we cannot see.


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