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Historic Hip Hop Rap Battles: Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar

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The Millionaire That Shopped At Mr Price #MoneyMondays


 What If I Told You He Is Worth 34.8 Billion US Dollars?

It’s all about staying grounded,being true to yourself and being humble. Consistency is one thing that pays off. If we were playing a game of spot the millionaire at a conference or lecture room, with my preconceived trend of thinking, I would look for the guy who is dressed the simplest, 8 times out of 10 I bet you money I would come out correct. Simplicity is sometimes the ultimate sophistication, simplicity is beautiful, looks effortless and can be contagious. Complex is ugly. Read the rest of this entry »


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Our #MoneyMonday Vision For A Financially Literate South Africa


My vision as a writer has always been to educate and inform you the ready while making you laugh in the process, so what I’m expecting from you is an ‘aha’ moment and maybe a little bit of a giggle; get those LOLs in line.

You being the Genius Level loyalist that checks out our Online Mag on a daily and recommends it to your mates know very well about our #MONEYMONDAY initiative, given that i get ahead of myself at times and just jump into writing away, I felt it necessary on this weekly edition of #MONEYMONDAY to take some time out to explain what #MONEYTMONDAY is and why we at Genius Level are so passionate about educating the youth about their money and increasing their financial literacy levels.

All our articles are meant to address issues while presenting Genius ways to solve those issues or problems. The issue at hand being Financial Literacy! With South Africa being what I Geniusly term a ‘newly issued share’ in the global economy, i feel like right after we attained our freedom and were presented with employment and enterprising opportunities that helped enrich most of our parents, the fundamental problem became that we did not know how to manage our money, our parents were ‘new money’ as it were, with so much happening so fast they got overwhelmed and taken advantage of by the system; same way Don king sucka punched a lot of boxers without ever being in the ring (just sit back and let that one kick in)
With the more money you get comes friends with money also that want you to spend the money with them, then also comes the hunger for more money and even more self injuring, there comes the sense of entitlement and lifestyle enhancements. You start eating at larniar places and wanting to buy luxurious cars and expensive furniture for your million rand house in the suburbs. Then you have black expenses like lobola, expensive weddings and overly expensive funeral plans. We are fundamental new at this money management thing, we are conditioned to live beyond our means and spend money soon as we get it. this type of monetary behavioral trait gets passed on to each generation hence you get movements like the Skhothanes and BEE fat cats, people purchasing clothe and cars they cannot afford meanwhile they still confined to the semi steel walls of a shack in a Squatter Camp.
17682441a1951203954b930e79312fbcConditioning is real and its a mafaka, it takes a lot of discipline to move away from such traits, hence 50% of all working South Africans are broke and in debt. I call it GENERATIONAL BALLERITIS; a situation where the habit of making bad financial decisions gets passed on from father to son and mother to daughter…. Like why are you buying Carvelas when your fees aren’t paid up, why are you opting for a R3 000 weave when your mother cant even afford both you and your baby.

With it  being an obvious case that this needs to stop! how do we then make people to get into a habit of making good financial decisions?? #MONEYMONDAY

We are here to jump in on the hole that’s been keeping you down and hold your hand as we figure out together how we can instill financial literacy into the young minds of all South Africans one article at a time, one Monday at a time. The inception and vision for #MONEYMONNDAY is to educate the youth on issues relating to money management and debt avoidance. In a place where debt is the new in ‘kool’ thing, we are here to help you plan for the future and assist with strategies that will make sure your retirement is filled with riches. there is absolutely no way in hell that people should be subjected to over 30% in interest payments on loans and credit, the credit market gets reckless by the day and cold calling has facilitated for the growth of impulsive buying and licking one’s self into contracts that stretch over a prolonged period with ridiculous interest rates. We here to sell you the dream of being debt free and being financially savvy. With most credit institutions taking advantage of blacks in that they aren’t financially literate enough to know what their signing themselves into, now is the time to read away on our weekly pieces to educate you on everything finance.

The hashtag willl find you, the financial literacy will be incepted in you and your financial affairs will be genified. We are here for you when you need us and do make sure to check our weekly #MONEYMKNDAY posts that will surely help stretch your Madibas and remember, we always watching, spend wisely and stick to your budget.

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Historic Epic Rap Battles: Moses Vs Santa Claus

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#FEESMUSTFALL By Nthabiseng Lucia Tselapedi

“Without education, your children can never really meet the challenges they will face. So it’s very important to give children education and explain that they should play a role for their country”.-Nelson Mandela

wandile Kasabi picPicture by Wandile Kasabi

I felt so disconnected from the piece I just wrote about the ongoing protests re: school Fees, to be more exact varsity Fees! Not because I don’t believe in the cause *as I believe in it so much and I am all for it, if I could I would leave work now to go stand there in solidarity and march with them* I just felt that I was not giving these issues that these kids are protesting about the right articulation, the right anger and the despair! I just felt I had not done justice to the cause!

I fear not documenting this properly, the same way our stories are never are! For, I want whoever is reading this, to understand the pain, the anger, the despair that these kids are going through! I WANT YOU TO FEEL THE MOVEMENT! I want you to understand the importance, without just rubbishing it and thinking another black hooliganism! I want white people to understand what we mean by privilege! *although at times I feel that this is a lost cause, for you cannot make anyone see what they choose to be blind to* And I want them to understand that whether they acknowledge this privilege or not, WE DO!*Bona, this bullshit of taking out the few poor whites versus the masses and masses of black poverty needs to end* South Africa will not move forward unless you do! I have been so annoyed about this “freedom of movement” shit I’ve been reading in the newspapers! DO YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT A LACK OF FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT IS? DO YOU REALLY WANNA DISCUSS FREEDOMS NOW? How about we tell you about a lack of true freedom? Please spare us! Those dimwits complaining about their purported lack of freedom of movement, will benefit from what these kids are doing, how about we discuss that? Or does their privilege blind them to that too! The fact that they actually can afford these fees and their counterparts can’t, makes their “Freedom of Movement” more important right?swhat.pngPlease white minority, keep your fake outrage! Go home and study if you are so concerned about a “time when you are supposed to be studying” and these students making it hard for you and “those students who are just on the fringes of failing and hoping for this past weeks at varsity to make a difference!” Question is, why haven’t ya’ll been studying anyway? Akere for lona varsity is a vacation that you go to, till you join you daddy’s company or your daddy’s buddy’s company!rihanna moodI once read that the some of the kids born in 1994, will not regard Mandela as a hero and that was a sad hard pill to swallow, to accept, but looking at where they come from and what they face on a daily can we blame them? Can we blame them when they see the inequalities that they face in South Africa on a daily? Can we blame them when they come from neighbourhoods without any running water and electricity? Can we blame them when they see their brothers and sisters with degrees not being employed? Can we blame when they’re sitting in class hungry and get faced by privilege? Then you get the so-called Minister of Higher Education who is a faux communist *the irony!* coming in and telling them to accept the 6% offer, atleast its not 10.5% increase right? Right! “I urge students to accept this offer …. In all conflict situations, there is always necessity to compromise so that no one party gets 100% of what it wants … otherwise we will not resolve the challenges,” Blade Nzimande (Minister of Higher Education South Africa) I think Blade is being ignorant, caused by his political privilege! He is ignoring the facts that these kids are compromising on a daily! GOING TO SCHOOL IN A POSH PLACE COMING FROM MKHUKHU/SQUATTER CAMP IS COMPRISMISING! KNOWING THAT YOU MIGHT BE THE ONLY ONE FROM YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY TO EVER GET A DEGREE IS A COMPROMISE! So, he mustn’t come here and treat these kids like they’re impetuous *they’re just gatvol like the rest of us!*Black MessiahIf a richer country than South Africa, like Germany, can scrap their tuition fees, why can’t we just halt the increase? And this is the interesting thing here, these kids are not even saying varsity must be free, they’re just saying we reject the proposed increases! The constitution states that “everyone has a right to education!” EVERYONE not just the few privileged ones but everyone. As Pierre de Vos noted on his article (Excluding students from University because of lack of funds may be unconstitutional) “section 29(1) (b) of the Constitution states that everyone has the right “to further education, which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible”. Unlike the other social and economic rights contained in section 26 and 27 of the Bill of Rights, this right is not qualified by requiring the state to make further education available and accessible only “within its available resources. This means the state will not automatically be able to justify its failure to make further education available and accessible to more students, on the basis that no resources are available to do so. The drafters of the Constitution thus decided to treat education differently from the right to housing, health care and sufficient food and water, which the state has a duty to make accessible progressively but only within its available resources”. So, all of you with your half-baked idiotic opinions, please take a seat at the back and allow these kids to exercise their constitutional rights! Someone has to *and if u ask about your constitutional right of freedom of movement, know that some rights are more important than others” And recognise that, this is also a “freedom of movement” battle! The right to access of education, for without the money, we are not free to move in those spaces! We are not welcome! Again, I ask what makes your rights more important? What makes your rights special?

white-man-richI love this movement! This movement should be supported! This movement has politicians scared, for, for the first time they see the potential of what could happen if they continue pressing on people who have no more to give!He also cautioned students to be wary of “pseudo revolutionaries” who hoped to see an “Arab Spring” coming out of their protest over genuine issues”-Gwede Mantashe *As if Mantashe would know what a revolution is, if it hit him on the face! mxm, he after all is a fake communist*. #FEESMUSTFALL
Blade whats Good
Article By Nthabiseng Lucia Tselapedi

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Why I Too Am Angry Along With The Young Ones… By Khaya Dlanga


Originally Posted on News24

To be young means to be full of hope. To be young means to fight if you must keep that hope alive. Expensive fees will remove that hope from them after it had been given.

The worst thing you can do for someone is to give them hope and then take it away. That is what escalating university fees are doing. And so I want to urge the students to continue being angry.

It is especially difficult for black people. Most of those who go there with this hope are the first ones in their families to go tertiary, and some even then first to attain a degree.

Can you imagine being a parent, taking your child to an institution of higher learning and then halfway through it, you can no longer afford the escalating costs? It’s like being on one of the Apollo missions to the moon, and halfway, or even a third of the way there, you get told there is no more fuel. No amount of hard work is going fill that rocket with fuel. This is what many black students are faced with. Hope snatched away.. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Is Black Tax & Why You Should Care #FeesMustFall


Article Originary posted on ENCA

JOHANNESBURG – Clinical psychologist Mthetho Tshemese has put his doctorate on hold because he is paying the ‘black tax’.

He says he supports 13 family members and simply cannot afford to further his education, for now.

Like many black South Africans with good jobs, or formal employment, Tshemese spends a significant portion of his income subsidising relatives, and he is not alone.

“There’s an expectation that we’ve invested in you and you’ve got to support us,” explains Tshemese. Read the rest of this entry »

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