Why I Raised my Hands When Goku Asked For Energy

22 Aug


“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

“Remember that the Spirit Ball is a martial arts discipline that allows you to borrow energy from grass and trees, from people and animals, from inanimate objects and the atmosphere… And then to concentrate them and release them. If you can draw so much destructive power from a ball made on this small planet… …Imagine what you can do with a Spirit Ball formed on Earth! If you can also learn to tap into the astounding powers of the Sun… Well. Just be careful. Or you may destroy the very planet you’re trying to protect!”

I figured since there’s seven Dragon Balls, I might as well write and publish this on the seventh day. Two things remain clear, if your girl knows nothing about Dragon Ball Z, she is too young for you bro. The second being, if you have never watched and gotten addicted to the fictional series then your childhood was bluntly boring. I was addicted, I know most of you were. I swear by the time SABC 2 stopped airing the series I had collected 6 dragon balls and I was only 1 ball shy of asking the mighty dragon to grant me my ultimate childhood wish…… #BringbackdragonballZ

On to some more serious stuff, Dragon Ball Z as a fictional series taught me somewhat a couple of things that I’m sure have subliminally aided most of us through our childhood. The most of the things I learned is that there is not limits to what one can do if they believe in something. As kids we all knew that the show wasn’t real, but the the characters in the series were so humane and awesome they simulated real life individuals we as kids dreamed of becoming. Besides the dramatic action scenes and the kameyameyas, Goku taught us a lot of genius stuff about living life to the fullest. Stuff like love, compassion and drive. Goku never believed in limitations, he was always willing to help and take things to another level, he was always willing to break new boundaries, kick some ass and unlock his full potential.


“Kakarot, you’re quite impressive. I never stood a chance against Buu, you’re the only one who can fight him. I think I finally understand how a genius like myself can’t surpass you. I thought it was because you had something to protect. I thought your drive to protect allowed you to take advantage of your capabilities… this may have been a reason, but now I too have this drive. I fought to do as I wished, because it was fun to kill my enemies and feed my pride. But he’s different, he fights not to win but because he absolutely won’t lose, causing him to break his limits and he really doesn’t care who his opponent is. So when he didn’t kill me, it was because he saw I could care for others, like I do now… Go Kakarot, you’re number one!” Vageta

The *unfictional* message I have for today is… There are no limits when you have believe in something, When Goku needed help in battle so as to save the earth, the universe conspired in helping him generate the much needed energy to build up a spirit bomb. And because we believed in him, we all raised our hands to transfer him some of our energy to help him win the battle, same applies with your believe in self, when you believe yourself to be the ultimate best, be it whatever you need or undertake to achieve, if you follow through to try achieve your personal legend, the universe will always conspire to help you achieve it.

If you were able to believe in a yellow haired green eyed cartoon that generated spirit bombs via the virtual energies you gave to it through your home TV screen, then how hard is it then to believe in self?




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