#HerWordSeries Part 2 “She is complicated?” – The unlearning … By Lunga Vuyo Ncala

08 Aug


“She is complicated?” – The unlearning

Seeking to understand her design purpose as woman, one had to undergo a process of unlearning all, stereotypes, all “men talk” conversations with the boys, all experiences and preconceived notions of what a woman is. Now the burning question is, why bother cause “she is complicated” for this very reason this statement exists, I need to uncomplicate shit and just know her for the truth that she is.

In this lesson I have unlearned that:

1. She is not complicated it is me who chooses to call her that. Maybe I’m attracted to abstract things or even maybe I call her that as a means of making the “discovery” of this complex being my own – God complex. Uhm. Whatever the reason behind my foolish & futile aspirations to “figure her out” all I know is that am lost in my own formulated complexity of her.

2. She is not mine to own or co-own in any form shape or size, rather that she is created of me by God for a purpose far beyond that I have assigned her too.

Article by Lunga Vuyo Ncala #ROW

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