BUT REALLY THOUGH? WHY ARE YOU SO GRUMPY? #moneymonday By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

20 Jul


Ever walked into a place and tried asking for help but rather than getting what you were looking for, you were met by a cold response? I find that this happens a lot with public administrators, and by this I mean people whose job is to help other people. So if you’re paid to help me, why do you then get frustrated, impatient and really grumpy when I come to you for help?

I remember a friend of mine once told me the story about how she was mugged, that even during the incident; she tried fighting the perpetrator off, but failed. She then ran to the nearest security booth to report the incident but was told off by all four security guards, three of which were women. They told her that she was letting cold air into their booth (the incident took place during the winter season) because they had a heater on, and that she was disturbing their tea, one even went as far as asking her what she had done to get mugged! Long story short, they never moved a muscle.

After hearing her story I began to wonder if they were a bunch of lazy security guards or were just having a bad day. Truth is mood swings should have absolutely nothing to do with what you’re paid to do, because you knew what you were getting yourself into.

“The hardest jobs are the easiest to get” Barack Obama

I was inspired to write this article after I also got my fair share of disappointing snarling looks, snippy comments and finger pointing that wasn’t helpful at all, from people who were meant to clear my confusion. I get that if you’re hungry you get snippy, but they can’t be hungry all the time right? Barrack Obama said it best while addressing the Ferguson saga, that the hardest jobs are the easiest to get, referring to occupations pertaining to security, healthcare and education. This means that more and more people occupy these jobs not because of passion, but because they just need a source of income. So I guess the grumpy attitude could be a sign of how miserable they are, because they’re not doing something they love, or they could really just be hungry, what do I know?

By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

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