Bucket List no:1 Get To Swim In Zuma’s Fire Pool Before I Die #moneymonday

13 Jul

20140930-yalo-sowetanThe fire pool has drawn so much attention and hype it should really be the 10th wonder of the world. We have Table mountain and now the fire Pool, a solid combo that serve as national wonders. All I want to know is who is the genius behind the fire pool? was there like a big meeting in the presidency on how we can waste tax payer’s money in a shallow manner. then come the justification for building the R3.9 million pool that serves as a reservoir for firefighters in the event of a blaze. The pool holds a staggering 157 000 litres of water, think about poor thirsty African kids when you take a dive in the pool.

“Its Shallow, Its shallow but the water deep”

Apparently at the most, the pool should have cost well under R2 million, but I guess given the double use potential of the pool gives it some R1.9 million goodwill to match the R3.9 stated costs. this costs form part of the total R246 million Nkandla upgrades.

Having been dubbed a national key-point at some point, I really feel like these fat cats take us for shit most of the time, as a taxpayer this hits home, given the significant monthly tax payments one makes, this serves as a slap in the face. As it is, the government is finding new innovative ways to drill money out of their voters; think of the e-tolls and potential Eskom electricity price hikes.

But hold on!! I’m not here to complain nor moan, I bring solutions fellow South African! Its GENIUS I tell you… As I’ve already dubbed it the 10th wonder of the world, and given the hype its created, there’s even a growing global interest in these never before swam in fire pool. Why do we not commercialize this pool?? make it like a tourist attraction key-point? I know people that have in their bucket list a line iten that reads: ***I want to swim in Zuma’s fire pool before i die***

‘Hell’ we can even get fake pastors to perform baptisms in the Fire Pool. We can have school kids go on school trips visiting Nkandla to get a chance to swim in the fire pool. Imagine the amount of bragging rights i’d have after taking a swim in that pool, my new pickupline’s gonna be ***Hey girl, do you wanna skinny dip in fire pool with me?*** I bet money some of you wouldnt even take a bath for 30 days straight after swimming in that pool. Imagine the heartache and pain Emily Rose would have escaped had they just dipped her feet in the pool, all the demons burned out instantly after that! that would have been the quickest exorcism ever performed!!

_45780157_007293814-1 lev

the Genius catch to all this is, you pay an entrance fee to get a chance to swim in the pool! totally brilliant business concept, hell within 3 months I forecast the revenues made would be enough to cover the R246 million that Zuma does not want to payback. New hashtag alert:




Kagiso Maloma






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