The Gorgeous Girl Who Did Not know Who Casper The Friendly Ghost Was…

10 Jul


The Gorgeous Girl Who Did Not know Who Casper The Friendly Ghost Was…

I saw her…. Yet she didn’t see me. Kind of a let down sad story but wait till you hear how it ended. Well toned legs with a bum that immediately made it clear that she had a dedicated Leg and Squat day personal trainer. Oh I can paint a picture of her vivid enough to make you want to make her your #wcw just on written description alone.

The type to make you go ‘my word’ regardless of you working on Microsoft office or not. She had an aura of unattainability.

I saw her, yet she didn’t see me.

She was standing by the bar, girl so gorgeous you would instantly assume she only orders virgin drinks.

By the time I finished my third draft I had gathered up enough confidence to walk over to the bar and catch a closer glimpse of her, and maybe just maybe she might notice me and say a world or 2. So gorgeous you’d never dare assume she would say a third word, but anyway…. I saw her, yet she didn’t see me.

Gathered my shaky feet, took off my jacket….

Got to the bar a chair away from where she was sitting. *EITA!!* I called out the barman….. As luck would have it she quickly turned and with a bit of shock in her eyes she said:

 ** oh you nearly scared me there**

 Unexpected as that was my brain still wasn’t realizing what was happening ** she was actually talking to me***

 I then quickly summoned the genius within and said to her:

 ** sorry I scared you there, just think of me as Casper **

Then I noticed the confusion in her eyes… She then proceeded to ask:

** you mean Cassper Nyovest???? **


Let’s just say after that, I paid my bill and 10% tip, tilted my head a bit, said “ABASHWE” and LEFT!!!!


Article by kagiso Maloma

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