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My Genius Level Aux Cable Rules & Regulations #kanyefridays

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Dont you just hate it when you driving and someone has the nerve to flicker their wrist, peirce through the air in your car and reach for your Aux cable, touch your iphone, stop your music and proceed to put the cable in their phone and have the ordasity to play some bullshit music you give zero fucks about. Well suffer no more fellow Aux cable hogger, below find listed the Aux cable policy for real hiphop fans

1. Dont Ever ever play Future in my car!!
2. Treat each song like its your last!
3. The Kendrick, kanye and J Cole ratio is always 4:1
4. If King Kunta plays while driving, you allowed to stop for 50 seconds and do the dance
5. You allowed to play one Drake song for every 100 other songs that you play (If you however end up catching some feelings due to this, you will play some West side gangsta rap immediately)
6. Who ever suggests to play Iggy Azalea will be subjected to 2 hours of an intense tongue lashing
7. When a Kendrick Lamar Song plays, you requred to stay quiet and listen with a nod every 10 seconds
8. If anyone touches the Aux cable without the consent from the driver, you automatically get immunity from jail if you kill them
9. If you suggest a track change and its not your car, you will be reminded that you have the option to get out of the car and play that dumb ass track on your fake ass beats earphones
10. If you at any moment fall asleep during a J Cole or Kendrick Lamar song, you will be sentenced to a 2 hour viewing of ‘The Exorcism Of Emily Rose’ movie ALONE in your res.
11. If you by the slightest chance have a bad girl in your car and you try impress her by playing some Nicki Minaj tracks, you will be subjected to a 24 hour listening session of the track ‘No Role Models’
12. Never ever repeat a track when homies are in the car, but If the new Lil Wayne album plays, you are allowed to play ‘Glory’ twice.
13. If a eek Mill song plays, you and the homies are allowed to talk as loud as you can as you will still be able to hear what he’s saying.
14. If ‘Same Love’ by maklemore plays, you are required by law to skip through the first opening lines


Feel free too add on to the list………………….

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The Flawed ‘BLACK’ Classification And Other Offensive Things To Ponder On… By Nthabiseng Komane



“So as a prelude whites must be made to realise that they are only human, not superior. Same with Blacks. They must be made to realise that they are also human, not inferior”. – Steven Biko

Okay, let me start off the article by apologising, I am doing so because this is going to be an intense and maybe a little offensive article and I think my last on the subject *could be my first as well, not sure* But I would not be doing myself and my new found revolutionary spirit *mmmh-clears throat (as I find this extremely funny) forgive me for laughing at my own jokes* justice if I don’t write this! This is after all for our kids……..2I read an article that was truly shocking, interesting, frustrating, angering, annoying and sad, all at the same damn time *pick an emotion* in the report a bleak picture of transformation in the workplace was painted, with the top management structures, nationally still being dominated by whites at 70%, with blacks at 13.6%, Indians 8.4%, coloureds 4.7% and foreigners 3.4% ( this is frustrating because it means we are struggling with transformation in the country! It is shocking and annoying because reality is, one party is unwilling to move for unity and peace sake! And sad because the more they delay, the more the divide occurs, does this mean racism will never end? Does this mean we will constantly be in a state of us and them?

Amazingly you will hear so many detractors of AA, EE and all other sorts of laws put in place to try and right the injustices against 80% of the population, failing to understand purposefully that affirmative action is not about demanding that someone without talent be given a position but about asking the powerful to notice the unnoticed *and you my friend! Are the unnoticed, yes you darkie working hard in your lil corner! I’m talking to you*. Pierre De Vos said in his article In black and white: the truth about ‘unconstitutional’ race quotas in universities,Ironically, many of the children and grandchildren of those white Afrikaners who benefited from unfair racial discrimination in the past and who, in turn, today enjoy educational and financial privileges because their parents benefited from racial oppression and discrimination, now fight against the implementation of redress measures in the name of non-racialism. Talk about Orwellian (n adjective describing the situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society, Don’t worry I got youJ ) double-speak”.
According to the report in the Western Cape, white males 63.8% were over-represented in top management, followed by Mpumalanga 60.2%, Eastern Cape 59.4% and Free State 59.2%, all  this is despite the coloured group making up 50.2% of the total economically active population, followed by blacks at 31.7%, whites 17.1% and Indians 1% *The figures were for economically active people*.  And now you will hear all the racists or uninformed going “but black people are not equipped for management? Not properly qualified?” Whatever excuse they can come with to try and shield their prejudices. I have heard too many horror stories of black professionals in corporate South Africa! Too many and I refuse to believe that all those people could not handle the space or were not achievers! See, the problem with Corporate SA is, it has proven time and again that it doesn’t want US! You will find so many of them unlearned as much as you are and not as hardworking, but at the top and you are told, “You are not good enough or smart enough” *Yes! With your cum laude degree in hand and hard earned experience*, because you are not part of the “boys club”……..The boys club, camping, yachting, golfing and all those things that they get to do together over the weekend, wherein you are not invited and will never be, thus it being a cycle of them being comrades and YOU on the outs! WELCOME TO CORPORATE SA CHAPS!!!!!!!!
Okay, now for the offensive bits, I am of the opinion that Indian (and Chinese but that’s not offensive as they are not black! I’m sorry, I’m unapologetic about that) people must be removed from the black classification, See from 1994 to 2014, skilled black professionals increased by 3% versus Indian/Asian professionals who increased by 26%, Black unemployment was standing at 40% versus 18% of the Indian/Asian population group. About 20% of all blacks with degrees were unemployed versus about 6% of Indian/Asian. All this with Africans at 80% *yes I had to say it again to make my point!* and Indian/ Asian at 2.5%, SOUTH AFRICA! ALIVE WITH POSSIBILITIES, RIGHT? *Only if you are not black I guess* I don’t dislike Indian people *hell I don’t even dislike White people* I am just being honest, the reality is white people find it easier to socialize with Indian people than black people and therein lies the conundrum!!!! For their EE or AA rating, they would rather hire them than US! A sad but true story….

“The Department of Labour is in the process of finalising its first-ever court case in order to ask the labour court to force companies‚ especially bigger corporations‚ to comply with the Employment Equity Act or face a fine”. Thobile Lamati‚ the Director-General‚ said that “some 1‚400 employers across the country had failed to submit their employment equity reports despite this being a requirement by the law”. This came as the Commission for Employment Equity announced white males continue to dominate management positions in the South African economy‚ while the appointment of Africans into those positions is “moving at a snail’s pace”. “There is no effort to embrace the spirit of employment equity. “In terms of the SA economy at management level‚ it is still business as usual as it was prior to democracy.

According to the report‚ 70% of whites remain in leadership positions while Africans only have 13.6% representation in top management!

Now, for the last offensive bit, we need to also be honest as black people about how many of our brothers and sisters are failing to mentor and pull one up! Yes I said it….we have a tendency to want to be the only ones shining, once you make it, you close doors for everyone else! WHY? So, that you can act and feel big at KONG? OR SWAY? WHY? I mean really, you find one black dude sitting on ten boards at the same damn time! As long as you are part of the boys club screw everybody right? You made it! *Blah! Blah! Blah!* that is a huge part of why all the laws are not working, we are our own worst enemies…..failing to see the big picture! See, you are failing to help me now and next I will be failing to help your kids when I’m fat and powerful……
6Also, we need to start our own companies fellas…..we need to hire our own and appreciate black excellence, we need to fight government to stop giving the black child a mediocre education that will keep them in poverty! Education that will enslave them to being employees and never the innovators or bosses! Also, we need to be honest when we look at ourselves and fellow colleagues, are they giving more than I am giving? AM I truly honestly deserving of the accolades? *actually screw this part! Some of them are not deserving but fuc*ers still getting that ever elusive promotion* Point is, if this shyt doesn’t get resolved now, we will always carry an US and them in the corporate space! Be A BLACK RENEGADE always go against the system and do the unexpected! Excel always! Lift others up! Stand up and stand out! Don’t fit in at your own detriment! I am of the opinion that all black people must be revolutionaries in the space that they have occupied *Not for ourselves but for our kids and to get the ball of change happening*


By Nthabiseng Lucia Tselapedi


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An insert from Khaya Dlanga


Khaya Dlanga

This is an edited extract of a speech I delivered at the Wits Golden Key induction.

Don’t be comfortable because you have a good education and can have a good job. You have a responsibility to make sure that you use your intelligence to balance this unequal system that still insists on keeping black people and women in a position of disadvantage. Refuse to be an accomplice. Speak the hard truths.

Don’t be so desperate for acceptance that you no longer have the balls to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. That is the great danger of society. The quest for acceptance has so infested society with fear that many say what they know will keep them in good stead with certain groups, too afraid to challenge them, but would rather remain silent simply because they are part of the group…

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CONVERSATION WITH A LEGEND… By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

Monrovia, LIBERIA: (FILES) A child soldier wearing a teddy bear backpack points his gun at a photographer in a street of Monrovia 27 June 2003 where Liberian President Charles Taylor's forces took control of the city. At the iniatitve of French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, France will host 05 and 06 February 2007 in Paris an international conference on children involved in armed forces and armed groups called "Let US Free the Children of War". Co-presided by Philippe Douste-Blazy and Ann M. Veneman, executive director of UNICEF, and in the presence of Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN secretary-general?s special representative for children in armed conflict, the conference will bring together representatives of nearly 60 countries, including many ministers, the European Union, many international organizations, including the United Nations, and representatives of civil society, in particular former child soldiers and NGO leaders active on the ground.  AFP PHOTO FILES GEORGES GOBET (Photo credit should read GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images)

He told tales…
Sad tales of the black child.
He spoke of how he was shackled,
Chained and sold.
He related to me
Stories of slavery,
How the black child went from
Being king,
To a servant,
Even though he once ruled
And lavished in his pride,
For royalty sake of his kingdom, Africa.

He took me on a journey,
Far over centuries,
Well out of time,
Outside the bounds of our realm.
I saw things I’d never seen,
I heard things I’d never heard,
I felt things I’d never felt.
I saw death
I heard  cries
And I was petrified.

I saw more and more and more death.
The black child disgraced,
Yet, even more and more and more black children were born.
Each stronger than the ones before
They were brave.
And they fought back.
Against the system,
Against the whip slinger,
Against the nigger caller,
Against the kaffer commander,
Because he was told that he was a king.
He was told this because the ones before never forgot.

The legend said that our escapades weren’t for sheer entertainment,
He said that he needed to remind me, a black child
Of my ancestors’ story.
To show me that
For as long as the black child lives
A struggle will always lurk.
But, for as  long as the struggle lurks
My ancestry has fortified me
And boldness resides in me.
Adequate enough to fight
And find with all my might.

Then he asked
“What are you fighting for child?’
Before I could answer,
My vision cleared
And my eyes opened to the view of the ceiling,
With my mouth open
And tears streaming down my cheeks.
It was all a dream….

By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


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Different people Bring Out Different Sides Of You…

largeNaturally I’m a tat bit shy. For the most of it, my character wild-out depends on the energy that I get back from the person I’m conversing with. Say I walk up to a stranger (say a girl) and start off a conversation, naturally at the initial I will be lit up, all hyper and all, but if I do not get the energy back that I had given off; then we have a problem. Depending on her response and character; I might just wanna dig a hole right there and jump into it. My dope side gets ignited by dopeness. Sometimes guys beat themselves up and their game because they got into a boring, meaningless conversation with a girl they really liked; yet if you really put your mind to it, that was actually a sign that nah homie she ain’t your type, either that or she’s boring, not you.

Choose the circle or the bae based on the person that they bring out in you. you get those people that just drag you down and ruin your day, all they wanna do when chilling is talk about their sorrows and how life would have turned out had something different happened, or those type of people that talk all day about the people they don’t like at work?? that negative energy believe or not becomes contagious and before you know it you also soaking in misery yourself.

And then you get those dope peoples that just float on the same gravity as you, you feel alive an in the NOW when with them. Time just seems to fly by when in their company, indicated by the bottom pic of Chris and Riri. The people you choose to hang with can be the difference between the dope you and the lame you…. choose wisely.






what Is Cash Flow And Why Should You Give A Damn… #INVESTOPEDIA

image_12So Liquid I Could Float In My Cash-Flow

1. A revenue or expense stream that changes a cash account over a given period. Cash inflows usually arise from one of three activities – financing, operations or investing – although this also occurs as a result of donations or gifts in the case of personal finance. Cash outflows result from expenses or investments. This holds true for both business and personal finance.

2. An accounting statement called the “statement of cash flows”, which shows the amount of cash generated and used by a company in a given period. It is calculated by adding noncash charges (such as depreciation) to net income after taxes. Cash flow can be attributed to a specific project, or to a business as a whole. Cash flow can be used as an indication of a company’s financial strength.


1. In business as in personal finance, cash flows are essential to solvency. They can be presented as a record of something that has happened in the past, such as the sale of a particular product, or forecasted into the future, representing what a business or a person expects to take in and to spend. Cash flow is crucial to an entity’s survival. Having ample cash on hand will ensure that creditors, employees and others can be paid on time. If a business or person does not have enough cash to support its operations, it is said to be insolvent, and a likely candidate for bankruptcy should the insolvency continue.

2. The statement of a business’s cash flows is often used by analysts to gauge financial performance. Companies with ample cash on hand are able to invest the cash back into the business in order to generate more cash and profit.
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BUT REALLY THOUGH? WHY ARE YOU SO GRUMPY? #moneymonday By Moshibudi Thatego Madia


Ever walked into a place and tried asking for help but rather than getting what you were looking for, you were met by a cold response? I find that this happens a lot with public administrators, and by this I mean people whose job is to help other people. So if you’re paid to help me, why do you then get frustrated, impatient and really grumpy when I come to you for help?

I remember a friend of mine once told me the story about how she was mugged, that even during the incident; she tried fighting the perpetrator off, but failed. She then ran to the nearest security booth to report the incident but was told off by all four security guards, three of which were women. They told her that she was letting cold air into their booth (the incident took place during the winter season) because they had a heater on, and that she was disturbing their tea, one even went as far as asking her what she had done to get mugged! Long story short, they never moved a muscle.

After hearing her story I began to wonder if they were a bunch of lazy security guards or were just having a bad day. Truth is mood swings should have absolutely nothing to do with what you’re paid to do, because you knew what you were getting yourself into.

“The hardest jobs are the easiest to get” Barack Obama

I was inspired to write this article after I also got my fair share of disappointing snarling looks, snippy comments and finger pointing that wasn’t helpful at all, from people who were meant to clear my confusion. I get that if you’re hungry you get snippy, but they can’t be hungry all the time right? Barrack Obama said it best while addressing the Ferguson saga, that the hardest jobs are the easiest to get, referring to occupations pertaining to security, healthcare and education. This means that more and more people occupy these jobs not because of passion, but because they just need a source of income. So I guess the grumpy attitude could be a sign of how miserable they are, because they’re not doing something they love, or they could really just be hungry, what do I know?

By Moshibudi Thatego Madia

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