#Moneymonday When I Make It Big Homie Ima Act A Fool… “Financial Literacy”

29 Jun


We Should Have Never Gave You Niggaz Money…

Not to worry, I’m not planning on going Uncle Ruckus with the pen. Today we talking Financial Literacy, which basically is the main objective of #moneymonday

As I was relating it to one of my boys, I view South Africa in the light of it being like a newly issued share in the stock market as we are a new country at heart, things like having money are very new to a large majority of us, and in the sense of a newly issued share, it normally goes through a shaky period in its initial stages, it would swing around a lot, but with time and proper oversight it will l eventually rise and eventually become a big player in the stock market.

As in the case with a lot of us young professionals or students, the concept of money is very new to us, some of our parents were never exposed to such an unforgiving environment of flashy living and constant reckless credit offers like we are. with such a cocoon like hostile environment where the Bottomline is everything, we get taken advantage of by the system which offers us credit and insurance policies we don’t even need. Being it a dog eat dog world, most of us fall for it and fall for the illusions being sold to us, for example that car that you knew you couldn’t afford so you decided to put down no deposit and buffed up the payment period and increased the balloon payment. Crazy terms like 72 months or ballon payments that stretch over R100 000

To be fair, most of these offers are new to us and a bit overwhelming how the world makes you hunger for illusions of a better living, credit is made to seem like a cool in thing to have, with that being the case, our long term view at times dies off and we live for the moment.

With that being the case, we need a catalystic intervention and most of it starts with the self, realizing that the way I’m living isn’t sustainable, maybe I need to be spending my money more wisely and I need to make long term goals and have plans on how those plans are gonna be met. Young South African with new money, you a newly issued share, everything is happening too fast, in the mist of it all, let logic be the driving force for the way you spend each Madiba, and please do call out a crazy friend who’s wildin’ out and mismanaging their funds, be your brother’s keeper.



Article  by Kagiso Maloma

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