Mzo’s Theory: What if Blacks Started Blaming Themselves for Apartheid… By Mzomuhle Msomi

11 Jun


“In order for us to know where we are going we need to understand where we come from”

My aim in this article is for us, as black people, to reflect on what we as a people have done in the past that made us susceptible to this exploitation and also seek to identify where we are and where we are going as a nation and what we need to change as a nation in order to prosper and ensure that this calamity is something that never happens again.

There is a lesson in pain and there is a lesson in suffering and therefore there must be a lesson in oppression and slavery. If we do not learn these lessons we risk pain and suffering once again. Apartheid was both a tragedy and a social injustice and as we proceed to build  a nation sodomised by this injustice one is confronted with the inherent conflict simmering amongst the beneficiaries of this tragic event i.e. descendants of sodomisers(non-blacks) and the victims of the sodomy(blacks). The reality is that we have inherited this shameful past regardless of whether we acknowledge it or not. I could go into detail about systematic oppression of the black man by the non-black but you probably have heard that argument time and time again. This is not one of those, this is a reflection of a black man wishing to take a different view on the subject.

There is power in responsibility and that power is control. The moment one blames themselves for an event, regardless of whether they are at fault or not, they put themselves in a position whereby they can seek to understand the situation better and are thus in a position to take active steps in ensuring that unfavourable event does not recur. If you trust someone with letting you host an event at a premises and that individual lets you down at last minute and as a result you are unable to host the event; you are faced with 2 choices (A) It’s not your fault and that person is in the wrong(which is true) and (B) You are to blame. If you adopt (A) you do not grow, yes it’s not your fault but that pain and suffering is likely to happen again whereas if you adopt (B) you accept the reality of the outcome and start placing measures to ensure that it does not happen again. You start ensuring that you have back up venues and do character analysis of people you work with to ensure that you don’t find yourself depending on unreliable people. With option (B) you effectively place more control over an unfavourable situation.

You see, as South Africans we suffer from several backlashes from our past that affect us to this day. Lack of transformation and poverty cycles, which gives rise to various social ills, poverty, lack of education, traditionalism, crime and stupidity. Conventionally we blame all these on apartheid and “white monopoly capital” which is partially true but that’s the scab on the surface there is also a festering wound underneath that needs to be treated. The reality is that as black people we are also to blame for the occurrence of these ills (This is the point where your blood starts boiling). This is primarily due to the decisions we have made in leadership, development, traditionalism, religion, lack of unity and life style decisions. We also have this idea that the world should be fair and that, just like in Hollywood movies, there is a happy ending and that good will triumph over evil. These are realities Black Man, harsh realities that you need to assimilate.

“They are the bullies of the world that cum-lauded their degrees and still go around collecting other countries’ lunch money”

Its survival of the fittest and the weakest shall be skinned alive and their skin shall be used as flags which will symbolise honour and respect to the winning houses whilst the flesh shall be gnawed and drained of all the flavour and spat out to be used as fertiliser for palm trees. And they will be praised and revered. You don’t believe me? The pilgrims slaughtered the Native Americans and rose to define the world we live in. They are the bullies of the world that cum-lauded their degrees and still go around collecting other countries’ lunch money. That’s the justice that exists in this world. This world has no pity or remorse. No counsel or therapy exists to enable you to adjust to this “unfair” system. You have yourself and only yourself. At best we have to walk it off, it’s not easy but it must be done. We have to search for solutions, the excuse “apartheid excuse” is played out. Yes it has had a great impact on who we are today but its not a justification for failure to change and grow as a nation. A solutions based approach is needed. We shouldn’t forget where we come from but where we come from should not be a reason for us to be stagnant.


Article By Mzomuhle Msomi

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