I’m Not A Perfect Writer But I Enjoyed Writing This Piece Perfectly Fine… By Lunga V Ncala

03 Jun


Am not a perfect lover! Ah fuck it I’m a perfect lover of self. And the imperfections of my future uhm will see.
I do know that I’m going to love the hell out of them too.
Might even be a perfect kinda love….

Yes I’m not a perfect lover, but I love my imperfections perfectly well when I Work on them
I’m not a perfect lover but I’m perfectly in-love with ambition, money, good vibes and laughing till my silver tooth sparkles.

I’m perfectly okay  with the belief that I’m the coolest mofo alive.
And a part time dushbag

I’m not a perfect lover, but I can love you hard only if we agree that I may do it imperfectly.
This piece is not about you though…
Don’t know if you perfectly fine with that

I’m not a perfect friend but I perfectly hate fake ass ninjas.

This piece may not be perfect, but who am I to say if I myself am not perfect…..

Lunga V. Ncala
Reflecting his word in my work.

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