Real Quick, I Ain’t Saying She A Gold Digger, But Here’s How To Spot If She Is One…

01 Jun

maxresdefaultIF YOU AINT NO PUNK, Holla “WE WANT PRENUP”


WE WANT PRENUP!!!! Yeh, its something that you need to have….” There’s only two types of guys in this world, there’s accountants and then there’s the rest, lol just kidding. But do get your number’s game right, or else you might end up being like Sipho and living on a month to month salary with a maxed out platinum credit card. the worst is when you worked so hard to build yourself and then wake up one day with nothing to show for it, so genius level being the big brother with all the financial literacy you’ll ever need, we’ll take you through a to live by checklist so as to check yourself before you rack yourself.

Entitlement vs Ability to Afford Addiction

Gold diggers know just exactly how they should be treated and what they do and do not want, be careful of those girls that know a wealth of nice things but cannot personally afford them themselves, its really a false economy, plus as a guy you need to ask yourself questions like: If she always has a bottle Ciroc at her place or carries around only the finest gucci bags but is still a student, who the hell pays for that? The first thing to not do as a guy is to ignore the signs…

Listen To The Questions She Asks

Telling people what you do or what you drive might just boost up your own ego, but be careful not to sell yourself off to the wrong people, listen to the questions she asks you say it’s the first time you meet or have a chat, ‘where do you stay?’ ‘where do you work?’ ‘What do you drive?’ such questions might be a good checklist on her part for financial stability if she is bringing something to the table, most of the time its a checklist for girls that just want the easy way out. Do not ignore the signs…

Give me a Penny before you give me the’ penny’ (get it?)

Gold diggers often use sex as a reward for a great gift or an expensive night out. So, the next time, you have a great romp in bed, think back to the evening and understand that it’s the diamond solitaire. Sometimes, gold diggers will not indulge in sexual activities unless their demands have not been met…

Please Bring Food, I’m With My Friends

Do you ever feel like you the minister of fast foods? whenever she wants you to come over she has a list of demands “Bae please bring food, I’m with my friends and we hungry”, or “Please buy me airtime by the garage on the way here” or every-time you leave the club with her and the friends you always end up at McDonald sponsoring the whole team with some burgers and fries??

Analyze Your Game Homie

The last one, as much as we guys talk smack about gold diggers, we aught to realise that the penny stops with us, we have the choice to say no! After all, its your money Homie. First thing’s first, check yourself, do you place your game on your wallet? or maybe its the car keys that you put on display on the table? or maybe you a laid back real nigga that still believes in laying the game right with some straight up conversation so as to figure out if she’s worth your time, Barbie dolls are way too mainstream. As a rule of thumb, whatever you attracted her with is what’s gonna keep her.

And as a closing statement, just remember, you worked very hard to get to where you are at brother, try at the most to interact and connect with girls of the same caliber, girls of the same standards, most of the time we guys kill ourselves and sell ourselves short all because we forgot that we actually are a catch. people respect you the most when you have standards and you stick to them consistently. So do me a favour, next time you meet a girl you like, bring out those standards and lay them on the table and never compromise on them, you will be shocked at what that can do for you…

readings from the book of Kendrick Lamar Chapter 2 verse 2 “Pity the fool that made the greedy in you prosper_But this d%#** ain’t free”



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