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#Moneymonday When I Make It Big Homie Ima Act A Fool… “Financial Literacy”


We Should Have Never Gave You Niggaz Money…

Not to worry, I’m not planning on going Uncle Ruckus with the pen. Today we talking Financial Literacy, which basically is the main objective of #moneymonday

As I was relating it to one of my boys, I view South Africa in the light of it being like a newly issued share in the stock market as we are a new country at heart, things like having money are very new to a large majority of us, and in the sense of a newly issued share, it normally goes through a shaky period in its initial stages, it would swing around a lot, but with time and proper oversight it will l eventually rise and eventually become a big player in the stock market.

As in the case with a lot of us young professionals or students, the concept of money is very new to us, some of our parents were never exposed to such an unforgiving environment of flashy living and constant reckless credit offers like we are. with such a cocoon like hostile environment where the Bottomline is everything, we get taken advantage of by the system which offers us credit and insurance policies we don’t even need. Being it a dog eat dog world, most of us fall for it and fall for the illusions being sold to us, for example that car that you knew you couldn’t afford so you decided to put down no deposit and buffed up the payment period and increased the balloon payment. Crazy terms like 72 months or ballon payments that stretch over R100 000

To be fair, most of these offers are new to us and a bit overwhelming how the world makes you hunger for illusions of a better living, credit is made to seem like a cool in thing to have, with that being the case, our long term view at times dies off and we live for the moment.

With that being the case, we need a catalystic intervention and most of it starts with the self, realizing that the way I’m living isn’t sustainable, maybe I need to be spending my money more wisely and I need to make long term goals and have plans on how those plans are gonna be met. Young South African with new money, you a newly issued share, everything is happening too fast, in the mist of it all, let logic be the driving force for the way you spend each Madiba, and please do call out a crazy friend who’s wildin’ out and mismanaging their funds, be your brother’s keeper.



Article  by Kagiso Maloma

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#moneymonday What The Hell Is Liquidity & Why Should I care??


“So LIQUID I Could Float In My Cash Flow” me

Liquidity is how easy it is to transform your assets into cash. You may have assets (things you own that are worth money like cars or in terms of a business = Inventory) or Capital (things that you own that help you generate more money) but if you are not able to sell those things to get cash when you need it, your money is tied up. While you may still look good on paper and have good credit, you may as well be broke if you can’t buy groceries with the worth of your tractor. Think of Monopoly, some players rush to buy property and end up with no free cash to bail themselves out of jail, or pay when they land on someone’s property, how easy is it for you to sell that property and get hard cash? if its easy, then we would refer to you as being liquid, if not, then you aren’t liquid.

A genius example would be that of how fast can you turn an ice cube into water? water being the ‘liquid’ form. if its easy then you would easily transform it into liquid form, if not, then you get no liquid hence you are illiquid.

Examples of assets that are liquid: 

include cash held in a safe deposit box, checking accounts, saving accounts, money market accounts, mostly current assets.

Examples of  illiquid Assets:

The state of a security or other asset that cannot easily be sold or exchanged for cash without a substantial loss in value. Illiquid assets also cannot be sold quickly because of a lack of ready and willing investors or speculators to purchase the asset. The lack of ready buyers also leads to larger discrepancies between the asking price (from the seller) and the bidding price (from a buyer) than would be found in an orderly market with daily trading activity

Buildings, Machinery, Cars, mostly non-current assets.




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LUCY-fer… By Kendrick Lamar

maxresdefault (1)

Song name: For Free? (Interlude) Track 8: To Pimp A Butterfly

This song offers a deeper insight into the previously introduced figure of Lucy (a character representing Lucifer)

As the song goes on, it is understood that Lucy is short for Lucifer, hence the lines about temptation and signing contracts. The name makes the song work in tandem with For Free?. Both songs relate to his value as a musician, and how that transcends in to his value as a person. On For Free? he criticises the culture that breeds a belief that musicians and famous people must “floss” or be showy with their money. Here, he juxtaposes that criticism with the seductive nature of the hip hop lifestyle, namely the bling culture, and the idea that once an artist signs a deal and receives their advance, all their dreams will come true.

Below is a strip from the lyrics whereby Kendrick is having a conversation with the devil (Lucy or Lucifer)

“You said to me
You said your name was Lucy
I said where’s Ricardo?
I said oh no, not the show
Than you spit a little rap to me like this
When I turned 26 I was like oh shit
You said this to me
I remember what you said too you said
My name is Lucy Kendrick
You introduced me Kendrick
Usually I don’t do this
But I see you and me Kendrick
Lucy Give you no worries
Lucy got million stories
About these rappers I came after when they was boring
Lucy gone fill your pockets
Lucy gone move your mama out of Compton
Inside the gi-gantic mansion like I promised
Lucy just want your trust and loyalty
Avoiding me?
It’s not so easy I’m at these functions accordingly
Kendrick, Lucy don’t slack a minute
Lucy work harder
Lucy gone call you even when Lucy know you love your Father
I’m Lucy
I loosely heard prayers on your first album truly
Lucy don’t mind cause at the end of the day you’ll pursue me
Lucy go get it, Lucy not timid, Lucy up front
Lucy got paper work on top of paper work
I want you to know that Lucy got you
All your life I watched you
And now you all grown up then sign this contract if that’s possible”


Analysis from



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Week 2: Lets go on a living spree…. “Doing Stuff With My Kendrick Lamar CD Series”


***at the beach with my Kendrick Lamar CD with white people in the background taking a peaceful walk***

This one was motivated by a track from the Kendrick Lamar’s album titled ‘Alright’, it comes in as track no:7 after a trail of sad songs, basically the song breaks away from all the sadness and misery by reminding us that whatever ills and sadness we are going through, eventually those ills will come to pass and we will be alright, we might be in a shitty state, bad environment but the world reminds you that the beach will always be there, where the sand is always whiter and the water is always clear  and blue….  We go’ be alright..

“Uh, and when I wake up
I recognize you’re lookin’ at me for the pay cut
But homicide be lookin’ at you from the face down
What Mac-11 even boom with the bass down
Schemin’, and let me tell you ’bout my life
Painkillers only put me in the twilight
Where pretty pussy and Benjamin is the highlight
Now tell my momma I love her but this what I like, Lord knows
20 of ’em in my Chevy, tell ’em all to come and get me
Reapin’ everything I sow, so my karma come
And heaven no preliminary hearing, so my record
I’m a motherfuckin’ gangster in silence for the record
Tell the world I know it’s too late
Boys and girls, I think I gone cray
Drown inside my vices all day
Won’t you please believe when I say”

“Wouldn’t you know
We been hurt, been down before
Nigga, when our pride was low
Lookin’ at the world like, “Where do we go?”
Nigga, and we hate po-po
Wanna kill us dead in the street fo sho
Nigga, I’m at the preacher’s door
My knees gettin’ weak, and my gun might blow
But we gon’ be alright”

Explanation from

The previous song, “u,” explores the burdens Kendrick has had to deal with. “Alright” coming in afterwards is appropriate, as it details how Kendrick means to escape from his troubles. Kendrick attempts to capture the post-depression moments where people are able to ignore their problems and comfort themselves with the idea that’ll be alright in the end. Once he looks past what he believes to be his failures, he is able to accept the fact that this is still all part of God’s plan, and that’s what is going to help him get by. If he repeats it enough it could possibly numb him from the pain and help him enter a positive mind-state.





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Do This And You Might Just Escalate To A Newer Stratosphere… #geniuslevel


“Let me give you some counsel, bastard. Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be a weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you”


1 Don’t apologize for being you

If you an honest and awesome person, let it be known and let that awesomeness shine for everyone to see, that is what you are, your make, part of your DNA. It’s that internally inscribed signature that you go to bed with and wake up with, it gives you a sense of identity. So if people do not like you fuck them right? Life’s too short to wear a different personality with the hopes of being accepted Play your role Read the rest of this entry »


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J Cole – Love Yourz Lyrics “There’s Beauty in the Struggle”


“Don’t be sleepin’ on your LEVEL cause its beauty in the struggle nigga”

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours
No such thing as a life that’s better than yours
No such thing as a life that’s better than yours
No such thing, no such thing Read the rest of this entry »

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Black & White Barbie Dolls.. “Shade Doesn’t matter Heart Makes The Lover… Girl You So Beautiful” By Dimo Wa Moraswi Sekele


“It is just a Barbie doll I don’t understand why you are stressing about it??”

#blackbutterflythursday: “The Caterpillar is a prisoner to the streets that conceived it” kendrick Lamar

Girls spent most of their early years playing with dolls which of course is nothing bad. In their playing they act as parents to the dolls, you have to admire the power of a young mind to reproduce all the things they hear which were either said to them, about them or in their presence. Or is it mother nature telling a tale of natural abilities, either way the little girls get to comb the long hair and admire the light skin pigmentation. Is it fair to let young girls hate themselves because they don’t have the same hair or skin colour as Barbie? Hell all they see around their environment is weave, lots of makeup and less of that natural hair.

Admiration for light skin, long eyelashes and long hair starts at an early age for most black girls, it is not a case of choice like we would like to believe. Even if we were to have a black Barbie, studies have shown that young girls would still pick the white one, even though women are the ones who suffer more studies have proven that men are equally affected by the issue of black skin versus light skin. One comedian argues “that is why when brothers get established they marry a white women” with this being true in some instance you can safely say it was a humorous observation. Lately a lot of men have added to the struggle of our black sisters by being so vocal about their preference for light skinned women (yellow bones) now with all these knowledge we can start to analyze what might be wrong if anything is wrong. Does light skin mean more beautiful or is it the after effects of colonization? Or the direct results of sensational marketing that leads to self hate if not adhered to. Is it because we were made to believe that the color of the skin somehow affects one’s IQ?

“1 out of 3 women in South Africa admitted to using skin lightening products, while in Nigeria the stats stand at 4 out of five”

Obsession with beauty can’t be left out of this analysis as research shows that in 2012 alone south Africa contributed to a share of $3.4 billion being the highest in the continent in regard to the sales of beauty products. Why would a nation be that obsessed with looking beautiful? Does this signal deep underlying issues that we are hiding under our heavy makeup, lipstick and long eye lashes? This is confirmed by the report released this year that 1 out of 3 women in South Africa admitted to using skin lightening products, while Nigeria boastfully takes home the win in this case with 77% of women using skin lightening products. One is tempted to ask if the choice these women make is based on what they truly like or what they think other people like. The issue of beauty for women in general has always been a complex one, with African Sized women trying to fit into a size 26, while in other parts of the world size 26 women are trying to attain that African booty. Light skin versus dark skin, short hair versus long hair, weave versus natural, blond versus brunette; but in the heart of all this issues we can’t help but observe that seeking validation and lack of confidence in one’s physique fuels this ongoing struggle to define beauty in the eyes of the second person or society in extreme cases.

“African Sized women are now trying to fit into that size 26, while in other parts of the world size 26 women are trying to attain that African booty”

While the general response you get when asking why people bleach their skin is “my skin my choice”. A study contacted in Tanzania shows amongst other reasons, women bleach to attract partners or impress them while others do it to be lighter and “beautiful”. With all this observations, it is obvious that the cut is deeper than we can imagine, the American music videos that have influenced our local videos with light skinned girls walking around is a billboard for marketing a cancerous psychologically linked image of beauty that is not only sad but life threatening. The photo shopped images in the weekly magazines and model ambassadors of beauty products also add to this pressure. But before the music videos, she had already started playing with Barbie hence I still maintain that Barbie should be black toned with an afro, dread locks or even better a brushed haircut.

While we can’t judge, ridicule or prevent people from bleaching we can help reduce the huge number by redefining African Beauty. And educating people about the side effects of these practices. If being beautiful means putting yourself at a high risk of getting skin cancer, liver failure, kidney failure, psychiatric disorder, severe birth defects for your unborn child then the beauty you talking about is unhealthy, let us not ignore the internal struggle that influenced the decision to bleach in the first place, assuming that a lighter skin will resolve that struggle will be a blatant lie. Low self-esteem and the pressures to live up to what society perceives as beautiful are the reasons sitting comfortably behind an annual $74 billion industry that serves no purpose, adds no value but still manages to sell our Naturally gorgeous African sisters illusions and dreams.

What happened to seeing things differently????? If we all are going to regard light as the only type of acceptable beauty, then we will be putting  more minds in danger as our little sisters and beautiful unborn daughters would go out there and try to live up these made-up illusions about beauty. All these has devastating emotional and psychological effects!!

Black is beautiful and so is white and so is every shade that falls in between this two extremes.

 “Shade Doesn’t matter Heart Makes The Lover… Girl You So Beautiful…Girl You So Beautiful…” Wale


Article by Dimo Wa Moraswi Sekele


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