The 80/20 Hip-hop equation that explains why certain rappers become immortalized…

15 May


I’m not one to hate, that Bandz Make her dance track was a banger, then Bobby Shmurda came in about a week ago with ‘Hot nigga’ with a mix of that Shmoney dance, proof that I was taken over by this? I unashamedly did the dance in the gym and let the video go viral, hashtag #FOMO

If you really think about it, commercial tracks and club bangers have a shortened ‘product lifecycle’. Here today, then gone tomorrow, maybe a few resurrections in the club once in a while. Give me some Nas, some Pac, some J Cole, Some Kendrick Lamar, and then we can talk music that will live on.

The 80/20 hip-hop rule, as I was relating it to a friend of mine, hypothetically say there’s 5 days in a week. It’s a given fact that the only time club bangers and singles are played is mostly in clubs and when you have company around, how dare you listen to non-directional music alone right? For that reason, given that you spent more time alone as compared to being in the club or in the company of people, during that given thinking self-reflective period only more directional, heartfelt and ‘deep’ music appeals, some Kendrick Lamar or J Cole only because you feel the music is relatable and you can actually make sense of the lyrics (hashtag #youngthug).

The above more sense making and more genius lyrical content music gets a cut of the 80% vacant musical time allocation during the week, with all stats taken into consideration, it then becomes obvious that the most listened to music in your own space will be the one that defies the musical rule of time, look at what Pac did with his music and how even today I don’t mind bumping some ‘Brenda’s got a Baby’ or ‘Dear mama’.

What we are seeing is a new revolution in music, where the younger listeners are evolving and starting to listen to meaningful rap music, we owe this to the no single movement. look at how J Cole went platinum with no singles and no proper marketing, damn right genius.

“People asking me which track from the album is a single, and I was like just pick one that you like and that will be it” kendrick

With the 80/20 rule being considered, below is my top 10 pick for the week (2 Club bangers and 8 current classics)

Mortal man – Kendrick Lamar
Pessimist – Wale
U – Kendrick Lamar
The Intro about nothing – Wale
Bambalela –Riky Rick
Love Yourz – J Cole
One man can change the world – Big Sean
Hood politics – Kendrick Lamar

Where yo money at – Nimpsy Hussle
We Come Alive – Riky Rick

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