#MoneyMondays An Ungenius New Way To be Like Jordan Without Putting Work In The Gym (The Shortcut Epidemic)…

04 May


Did you that 90% of all lottery winners go broke? Fuck a shortcut

You have all heard it, “good luck for the test bro, and remember don’t study hard, study smart”… Hell I used to use it a lot, it sounds nice and gives that illusion that shortcuts do exist and you do not have to sweat to kill off that pot belly. What is the difference between hard studying and smart studying? Surely studying in detail to understand the concept and not just memorize the study text is being smart? Or do I have it twisted?

Here’s where the disconnect starts, in varsity you required only 50% to pass, let’s say studying smart gets you a 55% majority; from first year you get used to just studying 55% of the work just so you get to pass. Don’t forget that whatever you do often becomes a habit, it becomes a part of you. Then this mentality spreads to all areas of discipline in your life. Evidently we become what we practice. So eventually you become that 55% guy, your life begins to revolve around just doing enough to get by, you then start giving your girlfriend 55%, your family 55%, your social life 55%, your sex life 55% (hahahaha), by now you get the idea. Then Boom, varsity is done and you get a job, Ding Ding Ding!! Your start preparing reports for the big bosses (don’t forget that you still give 55%), your boss comes to your desk and shits on your for a few mistakes made on the report and in your mind you like: but I got some parts of it right! Why on earth does he not compliment that?

Well real life is different! Your employer requires 100%, anything less you will be slacking, and that is just my concern with the world this days, we do just enough to get by, we have forgotten that we can actually do better, don’t know if it’s a case of no one requiring better, your boyfriend cheats and your friends convince you “he’s a guy chomee, he was bound to slip, just take it on the chin and hope he doesn’t do it again”

We the shortcut generation, we don’t have to sweat blood and tears in the gym to become like Michael Jordan, all we godda do is go to the nearest sneaker store and get some Jordans on credit and BOOM!! My nigga we made it, out there in the club trying to hit 3 pointers on the dance floor. We do not jog or go to the gym anymore, rather we get that new weight loss product we seen on TV, we do not work hard on building our own empire, rather we read books like “The secret” or “How to become a millionaire in 3 months”, or rather read up tips on the internet on how to not be broke while all you have to do is stop doing all the things that make us broke, wanna not be fat? Stop doing all those things that make you fat… Life is easy when we honest with ourselves. plus when you work hard for something you appreciate it more.

Anyway, fuck a shortcut, Success and excellence are a habit… and remember, it takes only 21 days to adopt to a new habit. take the adding value approach and work hard.

“Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack and a white man get paid off of all of that” Kanye West


Article by Kagiso Maloma

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