The 12 Year Old That Wrote A Genius Article About Creating More Young Genius Minds… By Dimo wa Moraswi Sekele & Makgwale Sekele

23 Apr


Creating More Young Genius Minds

A young mind is naturally receptive and very active, it is the ideas we are exposed to at a young age that ultimately become our inspiration. Often we neglect or underestimate the power of incited ideas; a young mind is capable of becoming positive or negative, amazing or mediocre. This is the stage where a young mind can be shaped into becoming a great mind, the dangers however is that this mind is vulnerable.

One of the greatest dangers facing this vital mental development stage is the “street cancer”, therefore it is of utmost importance that the streets be sterilized. We trying to move away from raising individuals into raising a new wave of smart young ones. Young minds are observant and quick to define their worlds, they have no idea what is wrong and what is right hence our responsibility is to make the distinct clear. Won’t it be cool to introduce reading to young minds, move it from the position it occupies as a forced act into an act of value adding? Well if we start reading they will understand it is natural and will grow up reading.


Now we are planting a seed of thinking, stimulating those young minds to think outside the box. How can we impact these young minds without limiting them with our experiences? So just maybe when we give ideas to the young minds we limiting them, I plead guilty of this offence. We label their ideas crazy we tease them, this is the worst enemy of self-esteem, we are preparing them to think less of themselves, which I say must end. We have to take on our shoulders the responsibility of raising smart ones who think without limits, are confident, creative and motivated.

We are not only sharing genius material but breeding them, we creating the world we would love to reside in. Just keep in mind that these young minds will one day graduate into presidents, most of them will be leaders, employers and innovators. Inciting the idea of greatness might breed more presidents and our generation will forever be remembered as the generation that challenged the order of thinking.

When the fields give you wheat instead of maize we can’t blame the fields but the farmer, because you can only reap what we sow,

(It was a great experience Co-writing this article with my 12 years old Little Sister)


 Article by Dimo wa Moraswi Sekele & Makgwale Sekele


” street cancer is the negative things that young minds can pick outside the traditional form of learning being a classroom or a family trying raise their young once”

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