#ManGeniusMonday Paul Walker Breaking Records from His Grave… “Fast & Furious 7 Opens at R1.7 Billion First week!!”

06 Apr


I had ‘One Man Can Change The World” by Big Sean ft Kanye West and John Legend on repeat this morning while In gym, I swear it’s the best pre-workout song ever!! And then as I was browsing through my phone I came to learn that Paul Walker is breaking records from his graveyard, fast and furious 7 has managed to gross $143.6 million or R1.7 Billion in its first opening week!! Proving once again that one man can change the stats….

Just a few stats:

  • This puts Fast 7 in the Top 10 of the highest grossing openings in history
  • Captain America ‘winter soldier’ only managed to gross $95 million in its first week
  • Avengers, Iron Man and Harry Potter stand in the top 3 of highest opening weekends with a combined gross of R6.4 Billion constant dollars (R11.76 current rate) or $550 million
  • Fast 7 costs were budgeted to be $200 million
  • Paul walker’s estate is estimated to be $25 million
  • Dwayne Johnson’s net worth $150 million
  • Ludacris’ net worth is $25 million
  • Tyrese is sitting on $25 million
  • Vin diesel is sitting on $75 million

The death of Paul walker added to the hype that led to the record breaking opening, the movie serves as a memorial in the eyes of a lot of fans, much like how Dark Knight served as a memorial for the Genius Keith Ledger.



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