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TAKEN “The Day Boko Haram Kidnapped Liam Neeson’s Daughter”

140714-boko-haram-shekau-5a_7f2bcf50180bbeb700135f7e1e313a3c.From the day I heard about the bring back our girls hashtag (#bringbackourgirls) I was puzzled, who still performs such acts in this day and age, caught up in my own reality I had lost touch with the imperfections that are happening in the real world. Read the rest of this entry »


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Why She Left You For A Douchbag “Dating Advice About Nothing”… 


Human beings define their reality through misery and suffering….

“Nobody wants to be with someone who loves them, people hate that. You want to be with somebody that doesn’t like you. I am never saying ‘I love you’ again unless they say it first” Wale (The Album About Nothing)…

This brings me to a quote I read but can’t remember where… it went something like: “If you want a nice guy, stop treating the nice guys like shit”. Now I’m not one to say people do not know what they want, people do know what they want but they lie about it hence they paint perfect fairytail stories of how the perfect guy or girl should be like. For example, we men might talk all the crap in the world about bad girls with naked pictures and twerk videos on social media, but get to the club and just as the last call for alcohol is being made we jump at any chance to take that very same bad girl we talked smash about home. Read the rest of this entry »


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Honest Citizens Caught On Camera Trying To Petition Against Paying TV Licences #MissUnderstood


Julius Malema was once spotted by Daily Sun taking a selfie with his iPhone 6 cellphone, the #DailySunHeadlines the next morning read “EFF declares war on Samsung”.

With that being said, what you think you seeing is never really what is happening. Almost everything when reported gets lost in translation. Remember how Sunday World tried to bring down DJ Sbu? So with all things negative turned positive, as I try become an overnight patriotic South African, for all I care the happenings that were caught on camera were not an actual mugging. The 3 fed up citizens were in actual fact petitioning against paying their TV licence and still getting below par material on TV. I am one law abiding citizen but besides aspiring to the higher sometimes, I also practice a very popular type of movement. I refrain from paying my TV licence. Read the rest of this entry »

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The 12 Year Old That Wrote A Genius Article About Creating More Young Genius Minds… By Dimo wa Moraswi Sekele & Makgwale Sekele


Creating More Young Genius Minds

A young mind is naturally receptive and very active, it is the ideas we are exposed to at a young age that ultimately become our inspiration. Often we neglect or underestimate the power of incited ideas; a young mind is capable of becoming positive or negative, amazing or mediocre. This is the stage where a young mind can be shaped into becoming a great mind, the dangers however is that this mind is vulnerable. Read the rest of this entry »

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Xenophobia… Created, Owned & Distributed proudly by S.A media… By Kholofelo Molapo


Yes that is my article title.
You see its easy for you to blame your visible leaders for all that happens while the real spin doctors spend their days roaming irresponsibly in the name of free press.

Well let me take you back.
1994 civil war breaks out in Mozambique, refugees flea to South Africa.

In an attempt to influence the South African as well as world governments, media houses go balistic reporting on the huge influx of foreigners.
How negatively all of this is affecting (GDP, Budgets, Crime etc).

Layman Conclusion: FOREIGNER ARE A PROBLEM. Read the rest of this entry »

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#MoneyMondays “The Bad Bitch That Was In The Budget”


The Bad Bitch That Was In The Budget

In my wildest imagination, okay maybe not wild nor imaginary. The thought of this came to me while drafting my monthly budget. Call me old school or typical accountant but I believe that what gets measured gets improved. Now I’m not saying measuring earthquakes on the Richter scale will evidently advance the magnitude of all tremors. Read the rest of this entry »


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African When It Suits Me Right? “How Can We Love Others While We do Not Love Each Other”… By Nthabiseng Komane

“You can’t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree. You can’t hate Africa and not hate yourself”.-Malcolm X


This is such a hard article for me to write as my thoughts are scattered and I don’t know how to pull them together in order to be rational and clear in what I am about to say.

Where to start? I have foreign friends *always only refer to them as my friends….always only add the foreign part, when I’m talking about their home language, French or Shona* They’re cool, nice, funny and humble people *okay, not all of them* But point I am trying to make is that, they’re just like any other South African I have called friends……….But this is not about me and my friendships, it’s about how hurt, ashamed and sad I am feeling because of current happenings around my country. It’s about the helplessness that has adorned me. Read the rest of this entry »


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