To Teach A Butterfly How To Twerk… “The Hip Hop Bad Bitch Epidemic”

18 Mar


“Bitch Bad, Women Good, Lady Better,  they misunderstood” Lupe Fiasco

“In love with the baddest girl in the city, I wish I knew her_I wish I won’t so shy, I wish I was a bit more fly_I wish that I, could tell her how I really feel inside_That I’m the perfect nigga for her, but then maybe that’s a lie_She like a certain type of nigga, and it’s clear I’m not that guy_Ball player, star player, I’m just watchin’ from the side_On the bench, cause my lack of confidence won’t let me fly” J cole – Adolescence

Truth about all the girls I thought I ever wanted. The illusions, the lyrical authority crafted what it dubbed a perfect ‘down bitch’ and we the listeners followed. I for one have always defended hiphop out of sheer protection of my own mental anatomy. You see if I admitted that hiphop is masogonistic and degrading to women, then I would also be admitting that my thoughts go inline with the same music I listen to. Just as easy it is to get you to sing along to a catchy hook (bands make her dance) it’s just as easy to adopt the incepted  message that goes with the commercial track.

“Bad bitches is the only thing that I like” Rae Sremmurd – No Type

Hip hop is not only a hypnotic to guys, a big noo0, that would be a silly observation, observe my below observations on the observed rising trend I recently observed. 

“Niggas I’m a bad bitch, and I’m bad bitch, far above average” Lupe Fiasco – Bad Bitch

As much as we seeing dudes with saggy pants, lord knows I used to be one. Observe how South African girls have easily taken to the American music video lifestyle trend of highly capable and smart women degrading themselves and calling themselves bitches. also observe how I use the world loosely but choose to defend it like a classic Katt William comedy clip

“Ladies I’m only calling you bitches Coz I do not know your names individually” Katt Williams

Observe how twerking has valupciously swallowed up all of the good girls I used to know, I’d never in a single light allow any of my buddies to date a girl with such traits and a ratchet Instagram account to match. Okay fine I understand being young and free, but that shouldn’t be an excuse for dumbness, our kids might end up seeing that shit. Not being disrespectful but I ain’t planning on raising twerkers and Instagram models in my household, that ratchet shit Is contagious, and I wouldn’t risk having a former twerk freak pass it down my kids via DNA.


Disclaimer: This is actually a positive article… forgive my rants sensitive reader.

Careful what you allow to sip into your ear. I might be crazy but I imagine listening to a Juicy J album with those stylish beats by Dre earphones. Minutes into the first stripper song I imagine overly hard working hip-hop mini workers with spades working hard pushing soils of ratchet thoughts to my brain via those thin earphone cables.

Now not to say I hate hiphop, I fricken loooooove hiphop. Just the other day when Kendrick Lamar’s album dropped ‘How To Pimp A Butterfly’ (which is what indirectly inspired this article) without no alert I flirted with the idea of taking a half day’s leave to go give the album a religious listen at home. (Priorities Mr. Maloma)

Here’s how I draw my distinction between good music and shit hip-hop music.


You see listening to good music is like listening to an educational podcast or a Robin Sharma audio book, that shit rips open your subconscious putting in good shit only. If the artist doesn’t evolve you then you listening to wrong shit ‘my guy’

J Cole
Big Seam
Talib Kweli
The list goes on, this is just a few names……

Oh yeh, now I remember what the initial thought I wanted to share on this article is…. The truth about all these girls I thought I wanted. Fat thighs, big ass with a flat tummy, red lips yellow bone with an expensive Peruvian weave to match, you know the type to wear heels all season? That’s what hip-hop music sold to me, commercial ratchet hip hop music rather. And oh did I mention that the image did not include any educational packages that come with her, basically defined in an accountant’s psyche as a liability.


That was until I listened to J Cole’s ‘Adolescence’ and it opened my eyes, and then I listed to ‘Dreamz’ and ‘Love Yourz’ by J Cole and it gave me clarity.

I then went on a real rap diet and that’s when Kendrick Lamar told me “This dick ain’t free” (For Free  – By Kendrick Lamar) and it hit me that it ain’t always about what I can do for her, but what can she also do for me? mutualism.

Kanye then told me that “If I leave Mickey Ima end up with a goofy” (Big Sean ft Kanye – All your fault) you know the 80 20 rule? 

Jay Z then talked to me and told me the problem is “you treat the one that you humping with the same respect as you treat the one that you loving” (Jay Z – Bonnie & Clyde)

Just as I thought I was done, the king of the south himself, shared some more genius with me…. And I listened, with this knowledge TI passed on to me I adopted a different type of circle and mindset, one that shuns talks about turning up and getting sloshed and smashing bad bitches ….. Hiphop music has got so much genius to offer!! Oh you wondering what TI shared with me?

“If it ain’t about the money bitch you can miss me with it, bitch nigga miss me with it”

Moral of the story? be careful what you let in. You will know instantly if the artist is leading you astray or not, listening to good music is like listening to an educational podcast or a Robin Sharma audio book. It’s like reading a book all in all, exploring a genius mind and allowing it to share with you its outlook on life. As a rule of thumb, if the artist doesn’t speak of anything different and does not evolve you then you listening to wrong artist.


How the article title came about: It’s a play of words using Kendrick Lamar’s new album title (How To Pimp  butterfly). If you take a closer look at the main picture, lupe is narrating a scenario where a video girl is humping on a rapper in a music video. The kids on the floor are watching TV and this ratchet video appears, and as Lupe explains they still possess some virgin innocence in them, whatever they see intrigues them, they don’t see a model or actress who is getting paid, just what makes a bad bitch….

Article by Kagiso Maloma

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