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#ManGeniusMonday Trevor Noah… New Host Of The Daily Show On Comedy Central

trevor-noah-daily-show-debutWho Is the Man?? HE IS!!!!

In the picture above it looks like someone asked a question that went something like: “WHO IS THE MAN??” Then Jon Stewart immediately made it known that the Day-Walker himself was indeed the man!! Trevor Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart as the new host of the The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

For his hustle, talent and electrifying humor, Trevor Noah is our Man Genius For this Monday!! From being the first South African to be on The Jay Leno show to pulling this genius move he is indeed a true inspiration to all south Africans. This is big in a sense that it sends a message to all kids and comedians out there in South Africa that if you aim high enough, you can accomplish just about anything. Here’s to Trevor ridiculing all the stereotypes the world places on us. The revolution will indeed be televised, they let the first African in…. Many will follow.



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The Mute Man Who Told A Joke Without Words…


As they looked at him
while he posed his
question at them…. Read the rest of this entry »

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#ReviewThursdays The All New VW Scirocco Facelift 2015… By Nqobisizwe Mthiyane


Fellow Petrol Heads…

This special section of genius level is dedicated to those of us that appreciate not only the beauty, crisp body sculpture, speed and performance of vehicles but also the logical nature of their creation. Every Thursday we will feature different vehicles, reviewing their pros and cons, and giving our rating level as a genius level buy/ automotive artwork. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Excuse me Pastor”… By Kholofelo Molapo

I attended a funeral one day with my boy Kagiso Zinx Maloma in Durban. Images of that day have since become vivid, but I remember the grave site as if it was yesterday. Nothing special happened at the grave site, well to the eyes & ears of an ordinary person anyway.

But to me the most profound thing was expressed by the pastor that very day.
He was reading out of the bible and as usual I wasn’t listening to a thing he was saying, hey I was surrounded by beautiful women can’t judge me. I don’t remember the verse or chapter that was read, but the words crashed into my ears like an early morning alarm clock, shocking my whole genius back to focus mode. Read the rest of this entry »

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Haters Anonymous “An Article For My Daughter”… By Nthabiseng Komane

two businesswomen with boxing gloves fighting“I can only assume that women hate on other women because they’ve run out of things to hate about themselves”-Unknown.

We really need to do better as females………Okay, this is the last post I ever write about this *Might be the first even, not sure*

See, I have a beautiful daughter….she’s 14years old and she’s smart, really bright for her age but she always struggles to make friends. It’s been like this since grade 4…….Girls just don’t take to her and as a parent you can’t help not feel her pain and want to protect her! You also have to pull yourself back from trying to fight her battles but also, as a rational parent you can’t help wonder if it’s her fault……..I mean other kids make friends easily, why can’t she? *Right?!* Read the rest of this entry »


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#MoneyMondays Battle Of The Cents “Asking For The Salary You Deserve” … By Nthabiseng Komane


“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

`That awkward moment you want to find out what your fellow colleague earns! I actually think its not about what anyone else earns but what you don’t earn!

We stay in jobs that are not financially rewarding and we claim “its not about the cash” but “how I’m treated”(The Statistician General released a report on National Gender Equity that found that, while the gap is closing, poorly-paid women are still most at risk of poverty and violence) well here is a newsflash suckers! It is about the cash *And you’ve just been outplayed* and here is another one, the corporate world is a lot like survivor, outwit, outplay and outlast! *And with your meagre earnings you are not doing any of that* Why do you think they advertise a job with a certain figure and when you get there they still want to negotiate? For fun? *snickers and rolls eyes* (A World Economic Forum Gender Gap Report for 2013 noted that South African women earned up to 33% less than their male counterparts for the same work. The current international pay gap average is 13%)

Okay, before I lose focus……what I’m I getting @ here? Do research! Learn your value and go into that jungle ready to outwit, outplay and outlast! IT IS ABOUT THE CASH! Don’t be fooled *anyway, you’ll remember me when you making ends meet and unable to pay your rent*


Article by Nthabiseng Komane

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Genius Level Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

11075203_10206219480305010_4692851028641795677_nHOW TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY

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