5 Genius Tricks You Did Not Know Siri Could Do

24 Feb


Siri Got Your Back…

The name Siri in Norse means “a beautiful woman who leads you to victory,”. Man the folks at Apple know how to create Genius. Below see some few tricks you didnt know your Siri could do. If you don’t have an iPhone I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and ‘S Voice’ ain’t one, Samsung really needs to step up, ‘S Voice’ sounds like a dead man’s attempt at speaking.

1. Use Siri to solve math equations or calculate the bill for you

If you too lazy to calculate in your mind just ask siri to do the calculation for you “Siri what is the square root of 69” (**Coz I’ve been tryna figure it out**). You may even ask Siri to help calculate the tip “Siri what is 0% of R523” (Specially designed for when you receive bad service)

2. Teach Siri how to pronounce

I sometimes get annoyed at how Siri pronounces some of the names on my contact list, just simply say “Teach how to pronounce contact name.” When prompted pronounce the first name and then pick an option and then the last name and pick an option.

3. Type and send a message

You can use Siri to type out a message “Siri Send Message to kagiso and say Goodnight”

4. Change Meetings

If you need to change a meeting you don’t need to open your calendar. Instead just say, “Move my 14:20 to 16:00.”

5. Siri can help predict a coin flip

If you need to make a choice or just need a random number, you can say, “Flip a coin” or “Roll the dice” and Siri will give you heads or tails or with dice a set of numbers.


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