Did You Know You Can Now Make A Free Call Over Facebook?? “An Evolution Of Stalking” … By Pamela Kunene

10 Feb



A few years ago MXIT was popular for its incredibly data-light benefit. It won us over so effortlessly as it offered us an affordable means of sending messages instead of using relatively more expensive SMS options. Hence it was the largest social network in South Africa, until it was knocked from the top spot by Facebook (Enter Zuckerburg). More social networks are launched almost every year with amazing features, but the one that stands out is always the one able to connect people better and faster with a unique quality featured service.

2013 Facebook launched its free voice calling option for its Facebook Messenger App, in the United States and Canada and later rolled out the service throughout the World. While the calling service is Free it uses your data connection to make calls, so if you are using a WI-FI Connection at McDonalds, Spur or KFC your call is practically free, this is too awesome right? I know :). However if you are using 3G data connection, the data charges will apply, but you still get to benefit because if you don’t have airtime but have data bundles remaining, you will be able to make that almost free call.

Facebook just single handedly changed the game once more, innovation after innovation the keep redefining the virtual playing field. Like many I hated the Messenger App as I was literally forced to have it or else no messages. Couple of month down the line I’m like hell yeh!! If it’s free, it’s for me.

Your next question will be, how is the quality of the connection?  Four words… IT IS REALLY GOOD. I have already used it with a couple of my friends, and it’s amazing. Great work to Mark Z and his team, you don’t seize to amaze me. I wonder how hard hit Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom will be when this ‘evolution is televised; will they raise data costs to make us for lost voice calling revenue?


If you haven’t used it, its quiet easy, follow the simple steps below:-

  1. Download Facebook Messenger from the App Store ( if you don’t have it already)
  2. If you already have a recent text message conversation going on with the person you want to call, tap it.
  3. If you don’t already have a recent text message conversation going on, tap the compose button at the bottom right. Then:
  4. Enter the name of the friend you want call.
  5. Tap on the friend they show up in the search results.
  6. Type a message to the friend.
  7. Tap Send to send the message.
  8. Tap on the Info button at the top right.
  9. Tap the Free Call button mid-screen left.


Article by Pamela Kunene

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